Teenage Pregnancy: Words Of Encouragement From Adesiyan Gospel

Conversations in my head

You think she want this
You think the led her to this
You think it’s good for her because you thought she was wayward
But wait, what if that is not the mystery behind this.
What if she was raped?
What if she wasn’t cautioned?

Conversations in my head

Why do people judge you by the way you look
They don’t understand the in’s and out’s of her life
How can they know what goes on behind close doors
Why is the girl child always blamed for this, what about the boys
For not having control over there emotions
For seeing a girl as nothing but holes to thrust
Boys who gets girls pregnant and blame her for not been smart and won’t take up responsibilities
Can we just stop blaming a Gender for a crime committed by both?

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Conversation in my head

Talking about Parental Negligence
Parents also have roles and can serve as a guide in the child’s life
Children are super intelligent but they can be strong influencer if they act timely
#CEO Female Fatale

#I’m_Adesiyan Gospel

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