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Seven CEO James Warburton has reiterated the importance of “tent-pole” content in its Programming, following an article this week in the Australian Financial Review.

TV Tonight received a call from the Seven CEO to clarify the network’s position on the importance of key programming.

“Everyone that knows me, and certainly everything you’ve heard me say, (is that) tentpoles are fundamentally important to the network. In fact, look at how many we’ve got and what we’ve invested in, significantly, over the period of the three years I’ve been here, to take us back to the number one position,” he said.

“The point I was making was, it’s not just about the Overnight number. It’s about about BVOD and it’s actually about the whole focus of it. As an example, I think I was talking specifically about My Kitchen Rules.

“Sunday night was its biggest Overnight that we’ve had, and it’s growing. When the 7 days come through in both catch up and BVOD it’s growing, around 40 to 50% in 25-54s. It’s the biggest cooking show, certainly in the first nine episodes, by almost 200,000 vewers nationally.”

For Seven, the “bricks in the wall” -or a Seven ‘spine’- remains fundamental.

“It’s absolutely bricks in the wall. The Voice, Farmer, Idol, Million Dollar Island, Big Brother, AGT, Dancing with the Stars.”

He continued, “It has been about that Sunday to Tuesday performance. We’ve done a job in terms of getting it back to where it needs to be number one. So the massive investment in tentpoles goes with the rest of the spine. I always talk about the spine: Sunrise, News, The Chase, Home & Away, Better Homes and Gardens, The Morning Show.”

The AFR article suggested Seven was down-playing the importance of ‘tent-pole’ programming.

Today, Warburton knocked that idea on the head.

“Absolutely. Nothing could be further from the truth,” he told TV Tonight.

“Tentpoles are absolutely fundamental to our strategy.”

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