Texas Child Wears Body Armor On First Day Of School

On Monday, Aug. 15, as kids across the state begin to return to school, mothers opposing the Greg Abbott PAC launched a new back-to-school campaign ad that is Texas History One of the most effective political campaigns in the world. The short 30-second video depicts a mother buttoning up his shirt and tying his shoes as he prepares for her young son’s first day of school. The setting is a cheerful country song, but the lyrics paint a somewhat shady scene.

To the guitar tune, a boy can be heard singing, “Little boys and girls follow the rules and get ready for the first day of school.” “Politicians claim to make our country free and safe. What they mean is On your behalf and on my behalf. Keeping our children safe for you and me.” At first, the mother appeared to be proudly photographing her son, but it soon became apparent that she was actually outfitting her ward with body armor and helmet. In the final image, the toddler stares intently at the camera while clutching a placard that reads “The first day of school.” It then dimmed when a headline appeared at the bottom of the screen: “Our children are not in the military. Elections for a new government on November 8.”

Notably, this is the third ad against Gov. Abbott produced by the female-led PAC to increase support for his Democratic opponent, Beto O’Rourke, in the upcoming November race. The group is also reportedly soliciting signatures for a gun safety reform letter to be submitted to the governor’s desk, calling for background checks on all gun buyers, and raising the legal age to buy guns to 21, as well as the required wait. Expect. “We can’t wait forever for tragedy to happen, or kick the can after it happens,” the group tweeted. “Sign our petition to Greg Abbott urging him to take action.” Protect our children from gun violence – or face consequences in November. “

The PAC revealed last week that it had erected five billboards slamming Abbott’s response to the Ewald school shooting in Texas. The ad, citing the Republican governor, said the mass shooting that killed 19 children and two instructors “could have been worse.” PAC’s previous advert, which was released in July, and its latest (and most popular) ad depict a fictional situation in which a doctor calls Abbott to request authorization to perform an abortion. Millions of people apparently saw the ad.

The most recent commercial aired this week, just days after the Republican leader aired his first TV ad in the Texas gubernatorial race. Much of the ad is biographical, with Abbott’s wife Cecilia recounting how she first met him in college and how they soon got married. She also spoke about the accident that put her spouse in a wheelchair and praised his tenacity.

“I saw first-hand how Greg Abbott dealt with his disabling accident and learned what Greg Abbott really was part of,” Cecilia commented in the ad. “Our marriage and adoption of our daughter O’Brien Delly’s joy showed me his love and dedication, even though his recovery took months. Family, perseverance, and hard work. That’s what characterizes Greg Abbott and the way he leads Texas, ‘ she added.

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