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The danger of abortion no one will tell you about, read them



Abortion has over the years seen as a taboo in some culture and several religious believe frown against it with many lectures and seminars on how to avoid things that would lead to it. In spite of this, several countries are making moves on legalising the decisions on abortion. Below are several complications or effect that abortion sometimes comes with.

1. Bleeding: sometimes, after abortion, some persons bleed for about 14 days or more. In a more serious scenario, the bleed could last for about 21 days or more. This means good hygiene is very much encouraged.

2. Infections: abortion could lead to several forms of infections if good personal hygiene is ignored in the process.

3. Damage to the womb or cervix: if the process is not done in the right manner, there is a possibility of damaging your womb and the cervix.

4. Excessive bleeding: it sometimes leads to excessive bleeding. can lead to an incomplete abortion process, and this would require an additional surgical abortion procedure.

6. The uterus or fallopian tubes could be infected.

7. Death: it can lead to death in the worst case scenario.

8. The last but very important case which most people often ignore is the rhesus factor effect. If the person who impregnated you is having a different rhesus factor from yours, there is a need to take a special injection if not, future chance of pregnancy would be slim.

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