The Dark Brandon Meme Describing The Most Recent Craze

After the killing of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, the “Dark Brandon” meme has gone viral again on the internet.

For internet users, it’s just the beginning, as the meme quickly went viral after Senate Democrats passed bills on tax policy, health care, and a small step toward climate change on Aug. 7. However, the party tweeted a picture of “Dark Brandon” and managed to stabilize the situation to publicize their achievement.

Here’s a quick recap of how the “Dark Brandon” meme started: After an interview with race car driver Brandon Brown, the crowd was heard shouting “F*ck Joe Biden” but the anchor misheard “Let’s go to Brandon”,” the slogan quickly became popular among Donald Trump fans.

The well-known meme shows President Joe Biden’s face as he smiles without pupils and with red eyes. This is the dark side of memes.

Conservatives who routinely mock and attack the Biden administration and portray the false and evil Joe Biden as “Dark Brandon” have used the term for their own purposes.

Politico claims that the memes began to circulate briefly after Joe Biden became president, and have remained so ever since.

According to the Daily Beast, one of the most well-known memes featuring Biden sitting on a throne full of AK-47s was created in China by an account supporting the Chinese Communist government.

To make fun of the flaws of the Democratic administration, Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporters recently expanded the distribution and variety of Photoshop memes.

The meme spread across the internet to showcase the presidents fictional alter ego as the administration struggled to respond to the Supreme Court’s recent Roe v. Wade ruling and came under fire for high gas costs.

The Democratic press took advantage of the situation after noticing an increase in the memes, using the memes to highlight Biden’s recent accomplishments.

But this isn’t the first time Joe Biden has gone viral online. When Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president, humor site The Onion created a fictional character called “Diamond Joe” to portray him as a slacker who drives a Trans-Am and drinks heavily.

When Joe Biden was vying for the presidency, the meme resurfaced but failed to catch on.

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