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The Fugees ft. Diamond D’s The Score Lyrics


[WYCLEF] Look into the rhyme Rum to the ripple Sing boo, But at instances I are available triple. Blaow, blaow put the heater to your head Now your lifeless. Wyclef don’t give a *beep* in case your lifeless. Raaaaah, raaaah Let me assault identical to the black cat You within the mistaken neighborhood, examine the map. Hooo, you’ve acquired to go for backup To do what you gotta do. So you’ll be again with France CU Traitor in your crew is mafo warmth Put the poison in your tea and kill the toad, But I’ll be again with the centipede I’m on some new method, drunken bamboo Awoo hoo a hoo, I’m taking all crews what. Competition, stimulation for the rap man Losers examine your tooters While I’m suckin’ in your women hooters. Don’t play macho, when you acquired the gun Cause when you acquired to reload . . .

[WYCLEF] Wyclef the multi-talented Average heads can’t deal with it I’ll carry it to you reside Only if you would like it. Me and my guitar return like the times of the RMC’s [C’mon check out my melody] The W-Y-C-L-E-F, Wyclef Through any contest I’m victorious Still maintain it actual, if you’ll and manifest Through your abilities, not by what number of shells you peel.


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The Fugees ft. Diamond D’s The Score Lyrics

[PRAZ] I’m a carry down the ruckus Play the nutcracker Rough-neck rednecks make me no hassle Time after time, ask Cyndi Lauper, Boss, you don’t need to fuckk with my companions Motion, commotion, what’s your proposal Uphold two-fold, the crew is disposal Like utensil, false idental, I autograph my lyrics with a quantity 2 pencil

[LAURYN] I’m the L, Won’t you pull it Straight to the top With the pace of a bullet Cuttin’ jokers off on the meeky-freeky gullet Lyrical sedative, maintain niggas medative Head rushers I give to inventive youngsters and fiends Dreams of euphoria, Aurora, To one other galaxy Phallic-sy Be this microphone, however get lifted Lyrically I’m gifted Burn on in with out the roach clip (it) Henders, mind-bender Pleasure sender, So continuously your nerve endings belong to me Wrongfully you place me down not receiving the complete capability of my smoke Wack niggas choke From the fumes that I emote, Or emit shit See even I really feel the mahogany L Natural hallucinogen Turning boys to males once more With estrogen desires Release blues, yellows and greens From Brownsville to Queens

[DIAMOND-D] I creep like a theif, little doubt the person’s swift I’m extra magnificent than Lee Van Cliff You stand stiff and acquired the nerve to let your man riff [We know where to run] And begin flakin’ like dandruff. C’mon son my steelo’s tight Cause by far I’m the very best producer on the mic On the proper, analytical conceptions With precision and go away lyrical incisions.

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