The Glee Project Contestants Detail Stressful Experience On Set

Season two contestant Harper Grae did note, however, that they had a psychologist available for contestants to speak to. 

Nonetheless, multiple contestants specifically voiced discomfort to Insider over the invasive questions asked by choreographer Nikki Anders. Season two contestant Abraham Lim remembered Anders asking about his sexual identity, telling Insider, “They were trying to get an admission of sorts from me, and I’m like, ‘You’re not gonna get anything, because I don’t know.’ I’m not gonna sell my soul down the river for a seven-episode arc on Glee. I’m figuring out who I am.”

E! News reached out to Anders for comment and didn’t hear back.

Pearce said she felt similarly pressured when filming a music video alongside Mitchell, who was in a relationship at the time. “Erik White, our video director, said something like, ‘In this next take, kiss Cameron. It’s what we need,’” Pearce told Insider. “The minute I pulled away and saw Cameron’s face, I realized I’d been played.”

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