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The hidden codes and features of your smartphone



Generally, there are certain codes of which we do not know their functionality on our telephone devices. By reading this article you will find out more about how these codes work.

# 31 # + phone number

It is essential if you need anonymity to place a call. By adding this code in front of your contact’s phone number, they will not see yours displayed. You will have recognized it, it is the famous “masked call”. It is the same whether you own an iPhone or any other brand of phone.

* # * # 273282 * 255 * 663282 * # * # *

At first glance, this code gives rise to a certain reluctance due to its complexity. But in reality, it can be essential. Indeed, it allows the backup of all media files on your smartphone. It works on both operating systems, Android and IOS.

* # 06 #

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A code that provides valuable information in the event of theft or loss. By dialing this code followed by the call key, you will obtain the IMEI code of your smartphone. This information is unique for each telephone device, it is its international identification number.