The Island Boys’ New look as they chopped off their iconic hair

The Island Boys’ New look as they chopped off their iconic hair

The Island Boys have shaved off their trademark hair. Opting for an entire new fashion that has admirers scratching their heads. The Island Boys are a rap duo that initially got here to prominence late final yr after their track of the identical title went viral. The track grew to become an prompt earworm, wriggling its means into everybody’s thoughts and propelling the brothers to social media fame — however not everybody was delighted. Despite their celeb, the 2 have confronted loads of backlash, together with being booed at their very first live efficiency and even being the goal of hurled drinks throughout Jake Paul’s rematch with Tyron Woodley in boxing. Aside from their theme track, one other facet that distinguishes the rappers is their look, notably their quite a few facial tattoos and their distinctive blonde haircut.

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Fans have been shocked when the Island Boys chopped their hair?

The Island Boys have chosen to get ‘the large chop,’. Now sporting buzz cuts that give them a very totally different vibe, months after reaching fame and cash. The abrupt change has elicited loads of suggestions on social media. With people expressing their opinions on the brand new look. One reviewer commented, “I’m sorry, however they remind me of the school detention desk”. The Island Boys grew to become well-known final yr after their polarising track of the identical title went viral. Yet regardless of their celeb, they didn’t suppose the track was as much as par at first.

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What was the Island Boys’ late 2021 like?

In late 2021, the Island Boys dominated headlines in all places. Their track ‘I’m An Island Boy’ went fashionable on TikTok after which on YouTube. With individuals all throughout the web singing alongside to the catchy lyrics. As a consequence, the rappers acquired loads of backlashes. Including rap famous person Snoop Dogg and comic Kevin Hart, who referred to them as “two goofballs in a pool.”

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