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The moment women laid their wrappers for Pastor Odumeje Indaboski to walk on (video)



Nigerian pastor, Prophet Odumeje, has gained the attention of a lot of people on social media in recent times and more people continue to unearth some of his older videos.

Odumeje who is also known as the Lion himself, the Indaboski or the Liquid Metal, gained the attention of people due to his interesting style of preaching. Some people have even likened his church service to a WWE ring as he sounds like a talented commentator.

The preacher is also known for his unconventional way of performing miracles and also how his church can sometimes seem like an ‘owambe’ party with people dancing and spraying money.

In a video that has now surfaced on social media, the preacher was spotted walking with so much greatness as church women spread their wrappers for him to walk over.

In the viral video, the self-acclaimed Liquid Metal could be seen walking over wrappers one after the other laid by the joyous women as they all sang his praise.

As an appreciation, Pastor Odumeje who refers to himself as the Indaboski Bahose sprayed money in the air as members struggle to pick a note or two.

The video has since gone viral and sparked reactions online.

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