Home Entertainment The Nana Patole video has gone viral on Twitter, Reddit……

The Nana Patole video has gone viral on Twitter, Reddit……


Online popularity is growing for a claimed video of Nana Patole, the state president of the Congress. The woman in this video seated opposite the male and rests her head on his shoulder. Follow For More Updates at Worldrapiddnews.com

Nana Patole Leaked Video

According to a video uploaded on Twitter by BJP politician Chitra Wagh, former minister and state Congress president Nana Patole purportedly seen in an uncomfortable position with a woman. However, the BJP has devised a scheme to tarnish each of us individually. For clarity, Patole has declared that we will take action to halt this.

Nana Patole Video Viral on Twitter

An alleged video showing Nana Patole, state president of the Maharashtra Congress, is going popular on social media. According to speculations, Patole is the individual in the video’s background. This purported video from the Polo Orchid Hotel in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya depicts a woman molested in a hotel room. BJP leader Chitra Wagh posted this video with the following message: “Kay Nana… Additionally, you are a shrub hill and a hatilat.” This popular video’s soundtrack is the legendary line “Kay Zadi, Kay Dongar, Kay Hatil” by Shahaji Bapu Patil. Watch the video: What did Chitra Vagh say?

Nana Patole Video Viral on Reddit

I received the video and, upon viewing it for the first time, similarly astonished. I rechecked it and realized that it is not a video of an ordinary person, but rather the state president of the Maharashtra Congress and that it has gone viral in a number of locations. Chitra Wagh revealed at the press conference that although I tweeted the video and questioned Nana about the circumstances of the matter, I have not yet received a response.

Nana Patole: Wikipedia & Bio

The Patole Video leaked through multiple social media channels. To find out what the video is about, the term Nana Video Original is the most sought after. There numerous leaked videos circulating on the internet, some of which are factual and others of which rumors. Similarly, the original Nana film is circulating on social media sites and has garnered considerable attention.


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