The Rizzuto Show Host Jeff Burton Passed Away At Age 55

Rizzuto Show host Jeff Burton passed away suddenly on August 15 at the age of 55. On the official 105.7 websites, the co-hosts of the radio show Rizzuto, Tony Patrico, Moon Valjean, and King Scott issued a statement regarding his passing. “We (they) have lost our beloved friend and colleague Jeff Burton,” they said. In their statement, they said the following about Burton’s character:

Everyone at 105.7 The Point adores and respects Jeff for a variety of reasons, including his kindness, humor, and generosity, to name a few.

In addition, they said, “in the coming months” they would “pay tribute” to the radio presenter. Rizzuto and company then implored followers to remember Burton’s family:

Keeping Jeff’s family in their hearts and remembering the people who have given so much to our station and our community for the time being. The Rizzuto Show and the rest of the crew will be paying tribute to Jeff over the next few months.

The radio personality received a prostate cancer diagnosis in March 2021 and announced the news on air. Over the next few weeks, Burton began his chemotherapy and continued to contribute to the show while doing so.

Jeff Burton was rushed to Missouri Baptist Church on July 2 for two blood transfusions and a platelet transfusion, according to his wife, Julie. Although doctors were able to stabilize his condition, the disease had spread throughout his body. He received hospice care and returned home on Friday, July 8.

Sadly, Jeff Burton lost his battle with cancer on Monday after a 17-month battle.

After his death, social media was flooded with condolence posts.

The Rizzuto Show Host Jeff Burton Passed Away At Age 55 Jeff Burton

Recently, Jeff Burton discussed his cancer diagnosis on the show.

On July 29, Burton provided a health update a month after quitting his studio job. He says:

“The cancer diagnosis has made me very grateful and humbled to realize who has supported me in all this, so it’s quite an amazing thing,” the patient said. It’s amazing how many people care about you after discovering them.

In his last appearance, Burton said:

“Whatever the future holds, I know Rizzuto and Tony and everyone has discussed what the future may or may not include. Whatever I can move on, we’re going to try to work things out together and keep playing for as long as possible, ” said Rizzuto.

Burton started his own fundraiser called “Man Of Many Hats,” which raised more than $35,000.

Burton is known for attending many concerts and events, most notably the Pointfest Music Festival. In October 2018, Burton also published his own children’s book, The Puddle.

Burton’s family can receive letters and cards from admirers. These cards can be sent to 105.7 The Point headquarters and delivered directly to family members. The office is located at:

105.7 Key Points (KPNT-FM)

Note: we love you Jeff

11647 Olive Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63141

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