The Southampton & Middlesbrough Midfielder Passed Away At 67

The team has announced the tragic death of former Middlesbrough midfielder David Armstrong at the age of 67.

Armstrong joined Boro the following April and made his debut against Blackpool. During his entire career there, he made 431 appearances for the club and 3 caps for England.

He still holds the club’s league record of 305 consecutive appearances between March 1973 and August 1980. He was the backbone of Jack Charlton’s promotion to the league title in 1973-74.

During this period he made 358 consecutive appearances for Boro, scoring 77 goals before moving to Southampton in 1981.

Known information about his family, occupational income and manner of death is listed here.

David Armstrong

David Armstrong’s net worth before his death

David may have had a considerable net worth when he passed away after a ten-year career. His football career is probably the main source of his income.

Armstrong was a Polo attacking midfielder who set the record for the most consecutive appearances by a Polo player, with an astonishing 358 consecutive appearances in all competitions between March 1973 and August 1980.

After leaving Boro, he won his first England national team title and went on to play two more international appearances.

He also won the Second Division while playing for Jack Charlton’s Boro in 1974.

Later in his career, Armstrong spent six years at Southampton, where he contributed to the team’s second-place finish in 1984, second only to Liverpool.

Southampton legend’s wife: Is he married?

Based on his age, the great footballer appears to be married to his wife, an anonymous woman.

Only a handful of information about his career has been disclosed in online news sources.

On the other hand, contrary to what no credible sources or online media say, no collateral material suggesting his marriage has been released.

Since the end of David’s football career, which is believed to have ended in 1984, his private life has been kept completely secret.

Prayers to the Middlesbrough midfielder’s family

Ever since David’s death became known, his family has been in thoughts and prayers online.

One Twitter user wrote that he was one of the first footballers to grab my attention and make me a lifelong supporter of Middlesbrough. I just turned seven. Greetings and love to his family.Rest in peace, David

Additionally, one commented: “Sad to hear the tragic news about David Armstrong. Not old at 67. The most important player in Johnnell’s squad and the youngest member of the Charlton Champions. #Boro Made a record 358 consecutive appearances between March 1972 and August 1980. Excellent player and servant.

Obituary: His cause of death led to his passing at age 67

Although the cause of David Armstrong’s death has not been mentioned in many obituaries, it is widely believed that the footballer died after contracting the disease.

In addition, Saints supporters also spoke out, paying their sincere respects to their former players.

“My heart is broken to learn of David Armstrong’s passing,” said one supporter. An amazing saint saga that I admired throughout my adolescence.

“I’ll never forget his pass in the box at Fratton Park, Steve Moran’s thrilling last-second victory. David Armstrong, RIP, #SaintsFC

One user wrote: “I usually ignore football tweets here but I’m so shocked to see David Armstrong’s death.” The supporter added: “One of my all time favourites, Also my first football hero at Southampton.”

One added that I remember watching David Armstrong play @SouthamptonFC when I was younger. The highest level player that could exist on the Saints team. RIP”

“Ditto, great team in the ’80s, David played offensive midfield with Keegan, Ball, Shannon and Moran,” another user wrote in the comments section below. Never forget the days when you cheered for the Saints as a young fan.

David Armstrong was an English footballer who spent most of his career at Middlesbrough (1972-1981). In August 1981 he moved to Southampton, where he played a total of six seasons, before passing away on 21 August 2022. Armstrong was born on December 26, 1954 and died on August 21, 2022. In the 1987-1988 season, he played his last game in the league for Bournemouth.

date of birth December 26, 1954[1]
place of birth Durham,[1] U.K.
date of death August 21, 2022 (67 years old)
high 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)[2]
Position front waist

In the 1970s he was part of the Middlesbrough club led by Jack Charlton and won the Second Division title. They have also been a solid first division team for the better part of this decade. After spending most of his career at Middlesbrough, he was eventually called up to play for England. At Ayresome Park, Armstrong is known for his incredible durability. He’s been wearing the No. 11 jersey for years, so he’s proven at 25. He played 305 consecutive league games between March 1972 and August 1980, making a total of 358 consecutive appearances in all competitions. The streak earned him the most consecutive appearances in Poirot history.

He signed for Southampton in August 1981 and scored 15 league goals in his debut season, spending most of the first three months of 1982 with Kevin Keegan at the Saints lead, then dropped to seventh. In 1984, the Saints defeated Liverpool as runners-up in the league and advanced to the FA Cup semi-finals. It was the second time in his career that he came close to a league title medal. Once again, he scored 15 goals in the league. And in the 1984-1985 season, he led the league with 10 goals, while the Saints were fifth. In the 1985-1986 season, he contributed to the Saints reaching the FA Cup semi-finals, scoring 10 goals for the league. After scoring just one goal in 22 league games in the 1986-1987 season, he was waived and never played for the team again. After that season, he signed with AFC Bournemouth, one level below his previous club, where he stayed for a season before calling it a footballer. At Southampton, he ended his career with 59 league goals in six seasons.

He was named Southampton FC’s Player of the Season in 1983-1984 and also played 3 times for England between 1980 and 1984. He retired from professional football in 1984.

David Armstrong’s wife and children devastated after his death

While they were heartbroken and saddened by the news of David Armstrong’s death, his wife and children were especially saddened to hear the news. However, the Armstrong family has yet to comment publicly on the matter.

While the Saints squad that Durham-born Armstrong joined from Middlesbrough in 1981 wasn’t all Galactico, the squad was clearly dotted with Kevin Keegan, Mike Channon and Alan Ball. , they finished runners-up behind Liverpool in 1984. Armstrong joined the Saints from Middlesbrough.

Bobby Robson gets his first international cap and Ron Greenwood chooses him to start against West Germany at Wembley. On the other hand, four years after his England debut, he limped to the relief office to apply for benefits, his conspicuous bald head preventing him from remaining anonymous.

Between 1971 and 1988, the left foot, which provided numerous assists and was responsible for most of his 118 goals, became fused and immobile.

Tribute to David Armstrong

Hearing the news of David Armstrong’s passing, I was plunged into complete and complete destruction. A terrific saint legend who was honored as a hero by me when I was a teenager. He scored Steve Moran’s winning goal in the 94th minute at Fratton Park and his pass inside the box will forever remain in my mind. Rest in peace David Armstrong. #saintsFC

ozric saint tweeted,

David Armstrong was one of my early Saints heroes, an amazing player. Rest in peace, David. #SouthamptonFC #MiddlesbroughFC

“Very upsetting to hear about David Armstrong’s passing,” said one David Armstrong fan.

A terrific saint legend who was honored as a hero by me when I was a teenager.

And another added: “I usually ignore football tweets here, but I’m saddened to learn that David Armstrong has passed away.”

One of my all-time favourites and someone who inspired me to be a football fan because of Southampton. “

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