The suicide video of Indian Muslim girl Nafisa became viral on Twitter

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a terrible case of a girl committing herself has come to light. Similar to Ayesha, Nafisa committed suicide after discovering her lover had an affair. However, unlike Ayesha, Muslim girl Nafisa also documented all of her grievances in a video before passing away, which is now becoming popular on social media. Follow For More Updates at

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Let us inform you that this second case of Muslim Girl Nafisa has come to light. That a similar video was made by a girl by the name of Ayesha who committed herself previously owing to her husband’s adultery. Nafisa, like Ayesha, exposed her lover in a video before she passed away.

A woman by the name of Nafisa described her lover’s adultery in a video she shot from the Sabarmati River Front. Ramiz referred to in the video as having “done really horrible to me,” which refers to his bad behaviour. He pretended to married while keeping his distance from me, bringing me close to his heart. It wasn’t appropriate to do it, and this is wrong, guy.

Despite the fact that I have always loved you the most, you hurt me. He really cheated on me. You are actually fairly ordinary, contrary to what I initially thought. There is no difference between you and anyone else. Even after the whole world learned, you refused to grasp my hand. You made a terrible error.

In the video, Nafisa heard saying, “I have done so poorly, neither the home nor the ghat.” I’ve been looking all around this place for the past four days in an effort to find you. Before she passed away on June 20. Nafisa is said to have taken this video close to Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati River Front. In her home, she hanged herself to death. The police then informed about the family members’ complaints. Which is how this footage was located.

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A woman by the name of Nafisa recorded a video from the Sabarmati River Front and told the tale of her partner’s adultery. The phrase “Ramiz, you have done terribly horrible to me” used by Nafisa in the video to denote poor behavior. He pulled me close to his heart under the guise of marriage but did not accompany himself. This should not have done, guy; it is terribly wrong. You hurt me when I loved you the most in the world. He really duped me. I assumed you were unique, but it turns out you are like everyone else. You and other people don’t differ from one another. You refused to grasp my hand even after everyone knew. You’re terrible.

The suicide video of Indian Muslim girl Nafisa became viral on Twitter download 7 12

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Nafisa states in the video, “I have done so poorly, neither the house nor the ghat. I’ve been pacing around here for the past four days trying to find you. According to the source, Nafisa recorded this video near the Sabarmati River Front in Ahmedabad just before she passed away. On June 20, she hung herself in her home. After that, this footage came to light when the family members complained to the police.

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