Theonecornelia On Tiktok Story Of Michelle Fox Treated By A Spiritual Healer Goes Viral

User Theonecernelia also posted a video of domestic violence on her TikTok account. Her most recent video, which has gotten a lot of attention on social media, discusses her ex-husband at home.

Michelle, who was also helicoptered to the hospital, knew the pilot had asked her if she wanted to live or die.

She remembers coughing and trimming her hair before she fell unconscious. Like the way, the Fox children were cared for by their family when they spent more than six months in a nursing home.

Additionally, Shinne is active on Tiktok as theonecornelia, she has amassed 224,500 followers and returned 1,000 followers. 1.9 million likes all of her videos.

What is the story of Theonecornelia Tiktok?

The video of Theonecornelia discussing domestic violence on TikTok has attracted a lot of attention. She claims that after the incident, everything went dark and she lost self-awareness because she was wearing a facial prosthesis.

In addition, friends of the victim started calling 911 while noticing their daughter was waiting at the door. She chased it so she could point them both to the bathroom.

She instructed their children to close the door and keep it shut until she called. Her ex-husband suddenly came out of the bedroom, crying and bemoaning the loss of his life.

She went to the bedroom to take care of the baby, and he grabbed the rifle and threw it down the hallway. After that, they went through a terrible ordeal. The young man in the video, who covered her face with a prosthesis, reportedly had communication problems.

Michelle was shot in the face and treated by a psychotherapist

Michelle was treated by Sheena, a psychotherapist known in Tiktok as Theonecornelia. After the accident, she also made frequent hospital visits during her stay at Van Duyn Home & Hospital.

In addition, Fox and her daughters Maya, 6, and Malana, 1, are expected to move into the brand new home of her parents Camillus’s house in the next few weeks, which will offer something more fitting.

Fox called the incident an accident to her, while Peter Gavorecki claimed that if they had spoken to her nine months later, they would not have known there was a problem.

He was right, the day before Thanksgiving last week, a lively young woman named Fox expressed her gratitude and optimism. Gaworecki mocked her as a mall rat, and she laughed as he touted the lemon theme in her brand new kitchen.

Fox has depicted in different ways thanks to her surgical mask covering her face down to her eyebrows, and the tiny crocheted curtains that hide her tracheostomy tube.

Michelle, 30, is married to Mike Notaro

Michelle, now 30, was born under the sign of Capricorn in 1992. He weighs 50kg and is 5ft 3in tall.

Also, when he married her husband Mariusz Burchacki, the two were no longer together.

Fox was shot by Marius, who was then taken to a no-alcohol zone. Due to his outstanding performance, he was released from his five-year probationary period early. He was also recognized for the time he spent in prison after being incarcerated.

His wife Michelle has pardoned him because she believes what happened was an accident. Now, the couple seems to be getting along just fine.

Fox moved on and was no longer with her ex-husband. Mike Notaro, now her husband, is the man she married.

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