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“They Just Wasted This Boy For Me” Father Of Boy Who Was Allegedly Killed By SARS Cries Out.



An old man and father of a young innocent man who was callously murdered by an official of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, crying profusely over the untimely loss of his son.

The era where innocent young men are killed by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) does not seem to be coming to its end even with the attendant hardship it has brought to its victims and their families.

The men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad have been known for violation of human rights, including being directly involved in the death of countless young men, whom according to them, were fraudsters.

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In recent times, the killings have reached an all time high, even with active protests against them going on both on social media and outside social media.

In the instant case, the young man was murdered by a wicked SARS agent in Port Harcourt, even when the young man had not done any wrong.

The distraught father of the young man was all tears as he spoke to members of the press. According to him, he had lived in the North, which is violence proned for 12 years, and nothing has happened to his child, but as soon as he came back to his home, his son was wickedly murdered.

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He pointed out that it was not as if the boy was involved in any wrong doing, he was not caught stealing or involved in any fracas, yet he was murdered in cold blood. He said “they just wasted this boy’s life for me” before breaking down in tears.

He is one of the many of such fathers whose joys have been cut short by the activities of SARS officials. But the fact that an old man would be made to cry so bitterly and curse a National security agency really does not mean well for the country.

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