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Things We Like Doing Every Morning That is Killing Us Slowly.



It is no mystery that most of the things that we do every morning aren’t very healthy. Our life has become so stressful and so busy that we pay very little attention to what we eat or do. This can result in some life-threatening event.

Let’s look at 5 things we like doing that is killing us slowly, and let’s examine ourselves.

Let’s look at 5 things we like to do every morning that is killing us slowly.

1Getting up quickly and immediately after waking up from SleepThis is bad and it’s not good for you at all, Getting up from sleep real quick every morning gives your heart the challenge of getting blood to your brain which is now above the heart. When you’re laying down the heart doesn’t need to work as hard because everything is level. You probably have slightly low blood pressure as well.

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When you wake up, gradually get out of bed and as the other poster mentioned, sit on your bedside for a few moments before getting on your feet.

2. Drinking Beverage or Drinking alcohol after you stand up from sleep every morning. This is not a good practice, please ensure you spend time so that your body will have time to gain balance from the long reset, spend some time before you continue with taking your favorite drink no matter how addicted you are to drinking alcohol or beverages, addiction to Things like alcohol kills the cell slowly without any warning.

3. Turning on light immediately after waking up. Many people like turning on the light just after waking up every morning. If you do this, Your eyes will get hurt when you wake up with a bright light and this is because when you are in darkness your pupils dilate, so stimulation of light does not occur. When you wake up and open your eyes, the light immediately enters your eyes and you are not used to the light, and it takes some small amount of time for your pupils to contract and your eyes to get used to the light. Turning the light on just immediately when you are standing up from bed is really killing your eyes slowly, please you have to stop it today.

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4. Using a Smartphone just after waking up. Generally, mobile phones emit radiation due to transmission signals around 900MHz. Owing to this, keeping cell phones close to the head for prolonged periods can lead to headaches, muscle pains, and other complicated health issues and this is killing your cells slowly, so pleases avoid smartphone once its bedtime.

Although people tend to keep their phones close to them while they sleep or when they wake up for different reasons, it is, however, better to be safe than sorry. This is a slow killer, please avoid sleeping with a smartphone or making use of a smartphone after waking up from long night sleep.

5. Praying Immediately You wake up. So many people disregard praying immediately after waking up from sleep, It’s important to at least make a prayer after waking up from sleep every morning. With morning prayers, the faith in God gets reinforced and you start feeling His presence every single bit. You start visualizing His grace in every chore and you don’t ever feel alone. Every morning, you remind He and His grace, and God certainly will remind you every time. A powerlessness life is n danger of the world’s wickedness, powerlessness killing people slowly, please start praying once you wake up every morning.