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Things You Must Avoid Doing When Kissing Your Partner


Intimacy is a close, intimate, and unique bond between two people who are both physically and emotionally related. The importance of intimacy for couples cannot be stressed enough because every relationship requires that to survive. Without intimacy in a relationship, things get difficult. Get closer.

One of the most common forms of physical intimacy between couples is the kiss. Kissing is one of the most exciting things to do when starting a new relationship. Kissing your partner triggers emotional fireworks that make you both feel good. A kiss can mean so much: It can be a greeting, a sign of passion, an apology, or a sweet and innocent gesture for your partner.

However, there are a few things that you should consider beforehand to avoid them and to improve your kissing experience. Here are three things you shouldn’t do when kissing a lady;

1. Avoid carelessness.

Don’t confuse passion with carelessness. When kissing a lady, do not let the saliva run down her face or body. There’s nothing worse than going for a kiss only to end up with wet, messy kisses all over your partner’s body.

2. Avoid bad breath.

Take control of your breath when you go out on a date. Clean breath is important before kissing. Have a mint or chewing gum handy and avoid smelly foods. When visiting a lady, put your toothbrush in your pocket so you can wash your mouth after a meal. A bad breath can ruin everything.

3. Don’t Stare at Your Partner.

When you kiss a lady, you should never look at her all the time. It can be tempting to see their reaction, but keeping your eyes open all the time can scare your partner. If she suddenly slowly opens her eyes and realizes you’re staring at her with big eyes, she’s probably gone.

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