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Things you often do, that makes you look older than your age



If humans have their way, no one would say he/she wants to ever die. Everyone’s wish is to be forever young. If there was an elixir to remain forever young and become immortals, everyone would pay whatever price and do whatever it takes to get the elixir of immorality.

Yeah, life ain’t a bed of roses. It has its ups and downs. Most of the time the storms of life hits some individuals more than the others. Other times, it makes one so hopeless and makes one think why is one so unfortunately so unlucky and not having all one wants and expects?

On the other hand, asides the problems or overwhelming issues of life, a lot of times you’d find individuals indulging in some habits that makes them age faster, hence making them look way older than their age.

Therefore, Elizz.Thoughtzz has come up with the things most individuals often do that makes them age faster than their age, and ways to curtail them.

1. Always frowning.

Most individuals would NEVER put on a smiling face. They often look like all the entire problem in the universe are on their shoulders. They are like what’s there to smile about? Some feel, when you smile, it means you’re not a serious person, or it would make others look down on you, whatever their reasons might be.

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So giving yourself unnecessary worries over things you can’t explain makes you have early facial wrinkles and you look older than your age.

Therefore, to prevent this, endeavour to always smile at least, and don’t overly worry about things you cannot control. Remember, as long as there’s night and day, problems in life will never get finished. So why deprive yourself of happiness and laughter???

2. Always overthinking negative thoughts

Inasmuch as it’s very good to think about how your life is and how you want it to be, etc. And coming up with the next strategic plan to make it better. It is bad to always brood on your negative thoughts. By doing this only gives you mental stress.

When you do this too often, you will notice your blood pressure increases more than normal. And you feel less happy about the good things in your life. Therefore, the whole overthinking process, makes you look older than you are.

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You’d be doing yourself a great favour, if you can stop dweeling on your negative thoughts, and being thankful on this you already have going for you instead.

3. Always keeping malice

Keeping of malice with everyone who offends you tends to always make your heart jumpy whenever you see the person. Like the Holy Bible says, be at peace with all men. Romans 12:18.

So when you’re not at peace, and always keeping malice every now and then. You tend to age quickly, and develop other underlying health ailments which in turn deteriorates your health. Therefore, make peace,and if there’s more conflict than happiness, then avoid such situation at all cost.

4. Always eating more junks than healthy foods

When you are overly eating unhealthy junky foods more often than you eat healthy foods. They tend to store excess calories in your body.

Hence, making you look overly fat and most times obese. And in turn making you look 30years of age, whereby you are actually 20years of age. Therefore, endeavour to eat more healthy nutritious foods compared to junky foods.

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5. Always over indulging in Alcohol consumption

When you tend to always indulge in the consumption of excessive alcohol consumption you tend to overly work your kidney and your bladder. And other essential organs over time.

And in the process, you find yourself always looking so fatigue, and stressed out even when carrying out little tasks. In the nutshell, cut out your excess alcoholic consumption, drink more water instead, that way your skin looks more hydrated, looks more healthy,and also glows more.

6. Not practicing good grooming

Most individuals are of the habits of not taking good care of themselves by bathing properly, by wearing cleaner clothes more often, by eating good diets, etc.

Hence, they look haggard, and unkept. This bad habit also makes one look older than ones age. Therefore, cut out the habit of always looking unkept or untidy. Look good, and endeavour to always smell nice too.

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