This $12 Liquid Lipstick Set Has 6 Shades and 14,300+ 5-Star Reviews

If you need a little more convincing before you shop, check out some of the 14,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

BestLand Matte Liquid Lipstick Makeup Set Reviews 

An Amazon shopper declared, “This lipstick. Is. Incredible. Perfect amount pigment, a wonnderrfulll range & the longevity is insane!!! The dark reds are beautiful, the red isn’t too orangey, and the pinks are subtle but adorable. There’s a color for every makeup look you do. The best part is it really doesn’t smudge. I can still kiss my boyfriend without it getting all over him.”

Another gushed, “Seriously, this stuff is awesome. And it stays on! I literally just got a root canal and my lipstick had not a smudge out of place! I was amazed. Honestly I was like why on earth did I wear lipstick while going for a root canal? Habit I guess. And when they were done I fully expected my lipstick to be all over my face or wiped off, but no! It still looked like perfection. Highly recommend.”

Someone raved, “Loved it!! It lasted all day! I used the Sephora matte lipstick forever. This lasted WAY longer and you get 6 of these for the price of 1 of those! It smells amazing too! It was the perfect candy apple red I’ve been looking for! Love it.”

An Amazon customer shared, “My streak has been broken! I’m keeping every color in the set! I put it on this morning quickly, assuming I’d catch it in the mirror in 15 min and wipe it off. Every time I caught my reflection, I was wow’ed. And I didn’t touch it up or reapply—I drank water, ate breakfast, drank coffee—it still looks perfect. It’s not drying like so many mattes are. This is A GEM.”

“I finally have a trove of beautiful colors I love!! This is a huge steal and so much better than so many others that cost 3 and 4 times as much,” a fan of the lipsticks shared.

Another person reviewed, “Beautiful and soooo worth the money! Usually I always purchase either Stila cosmetics or Kylie Jenner but both of those are very pricey and expensive so I looked up Matte lip glosses on Amazon and saw this and thought I would give it a try I absolutely love it very easy to put on does not smudge beautiful colors very very happy about the size of it! I went and purchased set B now because I love this product!”

“These are great! I ended up ordering both sets after I ended up liking the first one so much. I was looking for lipstick that would last all day without smudging and these really do without being overly dry and the colors are beautiful,” an Amazon shopper wrote.

A customer reviewed, “If you love matte lipgloss BUY THESE I love them so much. Great wear, do not smudge easily, do not dry your lips out and great colors!!! I have used everything from NARS, Buxom, Two Lips, to E.LF. and I am telling you these are great matte lip glosses!”

If you’re looking for more great lip products, 2.4 million people bought this lipstick shade last year. 

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