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This is how Men Generally Feel When They Eat Groundnuts



Is the Feeling Mutual?

Groundnuts have been noted to have a variety of advantages to both ladies and men. We should thus shun the notion that it is only men who meant to have the lione share in eating this ‘hotcake’.

Here are some generally notable benefits of eating groundnuts:

1. It helps in supporting heart health.

2. Maintains a good weight.

3. General skin care.

4. Helps in management of sugar levels.

5. Good in strengthening our bones.

6. Aid in exquisite memory and better concentrations.

7. It regulates the nerves system.

8. Lowers chances of cancer risks.

9. Improves our hair health.

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10. Aids in protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

With the above clarifications, we are thereby called upon to incorporate groundnuts in our diets. You can take it grounded or whichever way that suits you best.

Whenever a man take groundnuts there are some observations that can be made. Most of them exhibit the following:

i) General restlessness.

ii) A feeling of not being alone. Preferably, some would wish to have ladies around them.

iii) Feeling thirsty and very eager to quech the thirst.

iv) some retrain from their fellow men, reasons best known to them.

v) Yearn to have fresh air in an open environment.

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vi) Ill thoughts and weird talks.

v) Imaginations that may come with implications.

vii) Some men just become excited and cannot hide the feeling.

viii) In the cases of long distance relationships, the man would make a call to the fiancee in bid to have the ‘wow’ feeling.

We all know all the advantages groundnuts have on men. Some of them cannot be mentioned here as this article will be rejected due to sexual content.

It is therefore, advisable to avoid going more than a week without have some groundnuts. Remember to remind a friend of the same – we are our brothers’ keepers. Anyway, what are friends for?

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