Thomas Dobosz Losing Wife And 4 children In I-90 Car Crash

Rolling Meadows, Illinois: On Wednesday, Aug. 3, a father from Rolling Meadows was hospitalized for an I-90 wrong-way collision that killed 7 people, including his wife in Hampshire and four children. Thomas Dobosz, 32, was being treated there for serious injuries after being helicoptered to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood early Sunday. He was pronounced dead at the hospital at 11:17 a.m. Wednesday, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office reported. No autopsy yet.

Jennifer Fernandez, 22, collided with Dobbs’ blue Chevrolet van while driving a gray Acura on I-90 near Hampshire, Illinois, police said. Fernandez hit Dobos head-on while traveling in the opposite direction of traffic, igniting both vehicles. With Dobbs’ 31-year-old wife Lauren and five children – two 13-year-old girls, two boys, seven or six, one girl, five – the driver of the grey Acura and the people in his van Died at the scene. Four of the couple’s five children are named Emma, ​​Lucas, Nikki, and Ella. A friend of the couple’s eldest daughter, Catriona Corziara, 13, also died in the tragic collision, a family acquaintance told local media.

Dobosz’s death was also confirmed on Wednesday by the Illinois State Police and the administrator of the family’s GoFundMe page. We are here today with the latest news about Tom, but with sadness in our hearts. After getting angel wings, Tom is now with his amazing wife Lauren and his priceless children. As we ask, please remember his family in your prayers. According to Metro.In the UK, Lisa Torres of the Orioles Park Falcons said “all income will go to the family”.

Orioles Park Falcons head coach Sam Philip also confirmed Dobos’ death. The Dobosz family joined the Falcons, touring the youth soccer and cheerleading team. On Wednesday, the team returned to the pitch for the first time, with Philip admitted his religious beliefs were the source of his perseverance during this difficult time. According to Philip, “Trust in God. There’s a reason for that. We’re all partners in this. According to Philpi, the Dobos family has always been willing to volunteer, coach, play or play for the team. Making money. He said: “I almost dropped my phone and couldn’t believe it. “We’re not sure what to do. we do not know. You are not sure what to do in this situation.

Philpi claimed the family never missed a game, even when relocated a few kilometers away. The two children in the relationship were mentored by him, with Lauren serving as the team mom. They were always there. They were always there, with her as the team mom. This shows dedication and love for the project, as well as love for the participants. We feel that way about them, he continued. Friends of Thomas Dobbs took part in an impromptu commemoration Wednesday night at football practice at Orioles Park in Chicago. This is where the commemorative balloons for Kat Koziara and the rest of the Dobosz family were released on Monday.

Katrina’s mother, Kasia Koziara, told the Daily Herald she was planning her daughter’s funeral and expected a memorial service at a park in Rolling Meadows soon. The teen, affectionately known as Kat by family and friends, is a student teacher at Prospect Heights’ Breaking Program, a breakdancing group that offers dance lessons and workshops, where she supervises classes and helps young people. Since Katriona “has been and will always be loved and remembered by many,” her mother added, “a huge thank you for helping us.” “She deserves the best farewell I can offer in honor of her life in Life and destiny in heaven.”

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