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Throwback: He Visited An African Country And Pretended To Be Jesus, But Was Almost Deported (Photos)



It is totally bad for someone to pretend to be Jesus. As long as you’re not in a movie, i think pretending to be Jesus before others is a sin against God.

Recall, in August 2019, there was this news that surprised alot of Christains in Africa, it was about a man who visited Africa and pretended to be Jesus.

The name of the man is Michael Job, and he’s an actor. He dressed up like Jesus when he visited Africa in 2019, and this provoked alot of persons.

Michael Job visited Kenya’s Kajiado County in that year, and he sang and danced barefootted just like it was done in times of old.

According to a personal research carried out, Actor Micheal Job is also an American preacher, and the president of Jesus Loves You Evangelistic Ministry in the States.

This man provoked alot of persons with his dress style but he later apologized to Kenya’s government after they threatened to deport him for dressing up like Jesus.

It’s also important that you know that Michael Jobs came on an invitation from some kenya pastors, they where also threatened to be arrested.

These are throwback photos of him, when he visited Kenya, a country in Africa.

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