Thursday Ratings | THE DOG HOUSE AUSTRALIA gives 10 a win; Nine takes the night

Seven are really feeling no Thursday night AFL game…right in the back end of the negotiation of the new AFL rights deal.

By far Nine’s best was A Current Affair (586,000), starting the night well in front. Then the evening splits based on your cap city’s love of the NRL: Thursday Night NRL Live (367,000 (319,000 Nine BNE/SYD; 48,000 9Gem MEL/ADL/PER)) and Thursday Night Knock-Off (118,000 Nine BNE/SYD); or repeats of RBT (182,000 (151,000 Nine MEL/ADL/PER; 31,000 9Gem BNE/SYD)) and Paramedics (182,000 (145,000 Nine MEL/ADL/PER; 37,000 9Gem BNE/SYD)), along with a new ep of New Amsterdam (68,000 Nine MEL/ADL/PER); all before everyone returns to watch a new episode of The Equalizer (56,000).
Nine first in both primary (20.4%) and network (27.9%) rankings.

Home & Away (420,000 7pm; 378,000 7:30pm-8:30pm Late) remains consistent for Seven, setting a reasonable base for a non-FTA-AFL Thursday. Repeats of Crime Investigation Australia (174,000) and Police Strike Force (113,000) do little to enamour the audience, though The Front Bar (340,000 (231,000 MEL)) was shunted around the schedule depending on your local sport situation.
Seven second in both primary (20%) and network (27%) rankings.

The Project (252,000 6:30pm; 361,000 7pm) continues to deliver its small audience as a lead into primetime, which for the moment is The Dog House Australia (512,000), a show that continues to be solid for 10 and would be a timeslot winner on either of the other commercial primary channels. A new episode of Law & Order: SVU (188,000) leads into a repeat of The Cheap Seats (75,000) to finish out the night.
10 third in both primary (13.1%) and network (19.1%) rankings.

7:30 (463,000) leads for the ABC as Foreign Correspondent (308,000) continues its up and down week to week. Q+A (254,000) continues to underwhelm in the ratings (although up slightly on last week), affecting everything that follows including Courtney Act’s One Plus One (130,000). Repeats of Australia’s Favourite Tree (27,000) and Baptiste (DNR) run out the evening.
ABC fourth in both primary (11.5%) and network (16.9%) rankings.

World’s Most Scenic River Journeys (138,000) leads SBS’s night, followed by a repeat of Scotland’s Sacred Islands with Ben Fogle (129,000) and new Suspect (97,000).
SBS fifth in both primary (4.5%) and network (9.1%) rankings.


16-39: The Dog House Australia (86,000) came in ahead of Nine News 6:30pm/6pm, The Project 7pm, and Seven News 6:30pm.

18-49: The Dog House Australia (182,000) beat out Nine News 6:30pm/6pm, The Project 7pm, and Seven News 6:30pm.

25-54: Nine News 6:30pm (236,000) was followed by Nine News 6pm, The Dog House Australia, and Seven News 6:30pm/6pm.


Nella The Princess Knight – PM (123,000) brought home another multi-channel win for ABC Kids/TV Plus.


ServiceTimeO’nights (cume/avg)NoteABC News7pm-7:30pm609,000SBS World News6:30pm-7:30pm100,000107,000 6:30pm
92,000 7pmSeven News6pm-7pm841,000846,000 6pm
836,000 6:30pmNine News6pm-7pm891,000798,000 6pm
784,000 6:30pm10 News First5pm-6:30pm274,000 5pm
178,000 6pm

SBS World News averaged ((6:30pm+7pm)/2) to obtain total program figure.
Seven News/Nine News figures averaged ((6pm+6:30pm)/2) to obtain total program figure.


Sunrise (214,000)
The Today Show (200,000)
ABC Breakfast (175,000 (116,000 ABC; 59,000 ABC News))


One change to the previous week’s primetime line-up after the Total TV figures were added:

Home and Away – Late (Seven) lifted 27% to 798,000; The Dog House Australia (10) lifted 12% to 698,000; and Thursday Night NRL Live (Nine) lifted 9% to 661,000.

The BVOD best were Home and Away (128,000) and Home and Away – Late (126,000).

Here’s the four shows that lifted the most from their overnight figures:

ProgramNetworkTotal TV% liftHome and Away – LateSeven798,00027Home and AwaySeven853,00023The Front BarSeven514,00017The Dog House Australia10698,00012

Primary Channels, Multi-Channels, Shares, Subscription TV, Key Demos, Brekky Battle: All figures Total People, Five City Metro (5CM); overnights only.

Daily Consolidated 7 Total TV: All figures Total People, Consolidated 7 day Five City Metro (5CM) + Regional (Reg) + BVOD (Broadcast Video on Demand); % lift compared to overnight figures.

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