Ticket To Finale (TTF) Begins

Lock Up

Hello, all the entertainemnt enthusiasts, we are back with the exclusive updates of your favorite web reality show “Lock Up” as the 21st April 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with some unpredicted activities, which will be beyond your expectation because as the days are passing many clashes are taking place among them all. Even, a mayhem angle also occurred between Zeeshan and Azma Fallah as Zeeshan crossed his limits while torturing her because of which, Payal Rotgi had to come between the two. So something similar is going to happen in the recent one as well, so below you could get everything you need to know.

The recent episode begins where the jailors announce the “TTF (Ticket To Finale) task under which all prisoners have to convince another one to not put the black bricks on their name. Because who will get more than the contestant will be out of the race of TTF and the sword of elimination will hang on the neck of that contestant. Therefore, prisoners do such things which make the others upset because everyone would like to be saved from the elimination, as the grand finale is around the corner.


  • TTF “Ticket To Finale” task begins.
  • Anjali Arora betrays Munawar for the game.

After a while, Munawar asks Shaisha and Anjali for whom they are playing for themselves or they want to make another save. Then they reply that they will play for themselves and when they will get a chance so they will save their close one as well. Munawar gets convinced by them and therefore, decides to play for them as well along with himself but spontaneously when he gets the betrayal from Anjali he gets shocked as he did not suppose it. In short, his heart gets broken because he never ever expected this from her, which makes him shattered a bit.

Then, he expresses his rage towards her by saying that he was never ever amused that she could overturn in such a manner, even he accuses Shaisha as well by saying that from the very start she is playing with him lame. After hearing him Shaisha gets super angry and says that they did not betray him and makes him understand that under the task everyone has to make themselves safe. So this is the reason, they are playing their game as he is playing but he does not ready to hear him.

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