TikTok’s New Kia Challenge Dangerous? Explained

The new Kia challenge on TikTok is risky as it encourages the use of a USB cable to start a Kia car, which could lead to theft or damage. It also poses a threat to the public as it encourages thieves.

The Kia Challenge is a new trend that has been added to the list of bizarre TikTok trends that have captured the interest of millions. However, this is considered a dangerous concept.

Why is TikTok’s new Kia Challenge risky? Security Vulnerability-Based Trends Explained

The new Kia Challenge on TikTok is risky as it sparks car thefts and robberies among nearby residents. After all, the challenge means that the only way to start a Kia is with a USB cable.

The new Kia Challenge video quickly turned into a “challenge” style video as more people copied the original to test the concept. However, Kia’s challenge is now out of control, with negative real-world consequences such as theft and robbery.

According to victim Smart, the young man could be responsible for the bike and Mountain Dew theft from her parent’s garage. Although the police report has been completed, no other statements have been made.

How does the new Kia Challenge on TikTok work?

The Kia Challenge is the latest addition to TikTok as fans try to boot Kia cars via a USB connection. People admit to trying the feat and succeeding in the trending comment section.

The whole point of this trend is to show viewers that starting the engine doesn’t require a car key. The video quickly grabbed attention after several people demonstrated how to start Kia’s engine via just a USB connection.

Especially those in their early 20s and teenagers who are obsessed with this fashion. Everyone is eager to show their wits by proving they can start a car without a key.

The origin and creator of the Kia Challenge

In early July, a video from @robbierayyy showed how to start a Kia using only a USB cable, and it sparked a frenzy.

TikTok user @robbieray has 32,100 followers on social media and more than 1,900 on the app.

The TikTok community is full of drama and entertainment. Many content creators collaborate on videos with their unique perspectives, often engaging in dramatic drama. However, the show is still very popular with fans.

TikTok, a video-sharing app, is a source of entertainment that keeps up with current trends. Videos on the platform are hugely popular, inspiring other creators to add relevant videos with their own style and sparking trends.

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