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Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Smartphones For Longer



1. DO charge your smartphone before its battery drains completely

Every phone has a certain number of charge cycles. If you let the battery run empty every day, it’ll last for no more than 400 to 500 days.

2. Always clean your phone’s charging port and the charging cable regularly as this might help improve your phone lasting capacity.

3. DON’T replace your phone’s original battery with a cheap alternative

If the new battery isn’t original, it can not only fail to work but also shorten your phone’s life.

4. Avoid dropping your smartphon

Try by all means to always handle your phone carefully in other to avoid dropping it on the floor.

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5. DO turn off Bluetooth when you aren’t using it.

By turning off Bluetooth you’ll block unnecessary and potentially harmful downloads coming your way.

6. DON’T use che ap or non-original chargers

Though the non-original charger might charge your phone as required, but the phone battery won’t last long.

7. DON’T use a spray bottle to spritz your phone directly while cleaning it

You’re supposed to use spray bottle to spritz a microfiber lint-free cloth, not your gadget directly, or else the microphone are likely to stop functioning.

8. Turn your phone off at least once a week

By doing so, it help your device to cool down and refreshes which in turn aid the efficiency of your device.

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9. Constantly update your software if your phone suggests it.

Make it a habit to always update your software if your phone suggest which however, will only make your device work better by getting rid of any bugs

10. Use a screen protector

It is advisable for one to use screen protector as it serve as an additional layer of defense which helps protect your screen from cracking should your device fall on a hard floor.