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WATCH: Toni Fowler Scandal Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram: As all of us know dispute between Filipino singer Jon Gutierrez and his ex-wife named Jelai Andres is at its peak at this point in time but Toni Fowler also has been pulled into this turmoil eventually. According to the source, the Filipino singer’s ex-wife has accused him of cheating on her with his girlfriend Fowler. Moreover, a video is also has been leaked of Jon and Toni on the internet. Since this video surfaced on the internet Jon’s followers and fans have been curious to read about their relationship. In this article, we will tell you everything related to Jon’s scandalous video and dispute with his ex-wife. Let’s learn more about Jon Gutierrez in the following sections. Follow More Update On

Toni Fowler Scandal Video

Jelai Andres is the ex-wife of Filipino singer Jon Gutierrez as mentioned. And she is an actress by profession. Apart from being an actress, she is also a Youtuber. And Toni Fowler is a dancer who was part of the RBreezy group. Jelai revealed how her husband Jon Gutierrez cheated on her. According to Kapuso actress, her husband was in a relationship with a younger girl. Keep reading this article to learn more about him.

Toni Fowler Leaked Scandal Video

As per the source, Jon Gutierrez’s ex-wife revealed the misdeeds of her ex-husband to sue him. Jelai Andres stated on Facebook that her husband betrayed her. Moreover, she also unveiled a scandalous video of a Filipino singer on Facebook Live. After getting exposed on Facebook the accused Filipino singer felt the heat of criticism by his followers but he did not remain quiet. Jon Gutierrez broke the seal of his lips and addressed the matter. Jon Gutierrez said he did not take the advantage of Toni Fowler. He also said that it all happened with her consent. Moreover, he admitted the mistakes committed by him. Fetch more detail about him in the further section.–kIdGW-Ra4

Toni Fowler Scandal Video Viral on Reddit and Twitter

Jon Gutierrez is a rapper cum actor and he has garnered a huge fan base in his country. The Filipino singer is also a part of the Ex Battalion From Muntinlupa City. Ex Battalion is a hip-hop group. Nowadays Jon Gutierrez is in the headlines due to his relationship with Toni Fowler and a scandalous video unveiled by his ex-spouse. The Filipino singer has earned a notable net worth from his singing career. But the exact numbers of Jon’s net worth are yet to be confirmed.

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