Toni Storm leaked onlyf in twitter and reddit – Whats happened?

Toni Storm is about to sign with AEW.

AEW officials are reportedly keen to sign Storm, according to Fightful Select. The interest is so great that several talents directly expect Storm to join the company sooner or later. There are many AEW wrestlers pushing Storm to sign.

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Storm applied to WWE for release in late December and was approved. She is believed to have just become a free agent as her 90-day non-compete ban expires today. Storm recently opened an OnlyFans account, but there is no word on her plans for the future of professional wrestling.

Athena (fka Ember Moon) will also be signed to AEW. It has been determined that there is at least a brief discussion and assessment of interest between Athena and AEW. The insider noted that there was a “feeling” process between Athena and AEW that dates back to shortly after she was released from WWE on November 4. In early February, when she was 90 days old, her non-compete clause in free agency expired.

There’s no word yet on whether AEW will bring Athena on board, but company sources say there doesn’t appear to be a sense of urgency to sign her up. Other promoters reported that Athena was very picky about her independent bookings.

Athena returned to action after losing to AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa in Warrior Wrestling #19 on February 12. Rosa’s Warriors wrestling women’s title was also at stake that night. Athena followed with a triple threat alongside Skye Blue and Rosa in Warrior Wrestling #20 on March 12, with the title at stake. Over the next few months, she’s going to compete in at least three big indie games — the Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow at Mia Yim WrestleCon this Thursday in Dallas; the Prestige in Portland on April 15. Wrestling vs. Taya Valkyrie; vs. Swerve Strickland in the main event of the TWR Swerve’s House event in Clive, Iowa on April 16.

Nixon Newell (formerly Teigen Knox) ​​is another free agent and a hot topic in women’s wrestling. Newell released her WWE contract on November 18 and became a free agent when her 90-day ban expired on Wednesday, February 16. Newell hasn’t wrestled since her WWE release and hasn’t competed since mid-October.

As for Newell’s future in professional wrestling, a few weeks ago she was busy working out a visa issue, an uphill battle for many wrestlers who suddenly found themselves in free agency. No word on whether AEW, ROH or Impact Wrestling are interested in inviting them.

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