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Top 5 Application Use To Create Fake Online Conversation



Ever saw some screenshots of perfect conversations online, sometimes it is about a relationship breakup, two friends arguments, or a scammer trying to give you false evidence of the transaction they have made, they look too good to be true right, well that’s because they are not actually true, from facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter to various social media platforms, there are apps for creating their perfect chat conversation.

below is examples of those kind of these kind of conversation

The screenshot above shows a conversation between a woman and cheating husband, it could be true and there is tendency that it is false and created by a guy out there.

Also check this one below

the conversation above shows someone ordering for a goods from a business WhatsApp, it could be false and just trick to make you feel other customers are buying their product.

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Below is top 5 application use to create fake conversation, you could download from any play store, and learn how it is done

1. Fake chat maker

2. Yazzy simulator

3. Fake chat conversation

4. Prank

5. Fake chat conversation 2020