Top 5 signs your partner is cheating: private investigator


If you suspect you might be dating a cheater, this private investigator has some hot tips for you.

In a series of now widely circulated TikToks, the PI of Australian firm Down Under Investigations details Catch client’s boyfriend during act Follow him in his car late at night.

“When your boyfriend was 10 — but he just got in a cab back to his ex-girlfriend’s house,” the cheat buster quipped in the clip, which had garnered nearly 20,000 views as of Thursday morning.

The snoop, who asked not to be named, captioned the clip: “Another happy client…happy with us but not with their current ex-partner. 💔”

In another self-help clip, PI shares his “You have the top 5 signs of a cheater on your hands.”

Keep scrolling for his expert warnings on red flags to keep an eye out for if your significant other has been acting a little shady lately.

One sign that kept coming up in the comments was a change in phone behavior, which investigators described as “a very big sign.”
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The top five signs that your partner is cheating:


If they lie about big things and small things, they are probably cheating.


A partner who is overly defensive is a sign of cheating.

gas lamp

Gaslighting is a “subtle” clue that you’re dating a scammer.


If they accuse you of cheating, they are probably cheating themselves.

cheated before

If your partner has a history of cheating, your suspicions are right.

TikTok users also shared their own warning signs in the comments.

“Others send them good morning and good night texts,” one person wrote.

“They said they were going to wash the car at 10.30pm and not come back for a few hours…my ex,” shared another.

“Running home to change clothes or shower. Use new proverbs or words. New interest in fashion. Leave the ring at home. New phone lock screen,” one user wrote.

At the same time, a psychologist Instagram It is advisable to pay attention to what your partner is saying, not their behavior or facial expressions.

Daniel Acon shares a psychological secret of wondering if someone is cheating on you, but with a disclaimer at the outset, this trick will only work if you haven’t broken your partner’s trust, “otherwise, their feelings about you may be Makes sense.”

“If you’re dating someone and they start accusing you of cheating, or they’re concerned that you’re talking to someone else without any evidence, that usually means they’re cheating and talking to someone else,” the psychologist said. “They’re just worried that you’re doing the same thing.”

This is called “projection,” which means “people tend to project what’s inside of themselves onto other people,” Acon explained.

Reactions to Acon’s suggestion were mixed.

“That’s not the case in all cases. Some people have abandonment issues, worry about that, may point fingers or be suspicious, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheating or talking to others,” one person said.

“What about the trauma of being cheated on?” wrote another, to which Acon responded: “Of course I don’t say it’s every single time.”

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