Top Gun Maverick Digital Blu-Ray Release Dates


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fasten your seatbelt. As soon as next week, you can watch Tom Cruise’s adrenaline-pumping mission in Top Gun: Maverick from the comfort of your sofa. The box-office sequel will be available for digital purchase starting August 23, while 4K Ultra HD, DVD, and Blu-ray releases will be released on November 1.

The digital version includes 110 minutes of special features to give fans a glimpse into the making of the blockbuster, including watching the cast go through intense cinematic training in preparation for the film’s unparalleled aerial combat scenes, and a behind-the-scenes look at how the crew captured Oscar-quality aerial sequences and spoke with Cruise about his personal passion for aviation while flying his own plane.

You can also enjoy a masterclass with the “Top Gun” star, recorded for the first time at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, in which he discusses his career spanning a decade. Additionally, the extended version of the film has a hilarious scene where Cruise pilots two different fighter jets alongside James Corden.

The Paramount sequel, directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Miles Taylor, Glen Powell, and Jon Hamm, smashed the box office when it premiered in May. During its theatrical run, it brought in more than $601.9 million domestically and $595.6 million internationally, making it the first film of the year to surpass $1 billion globally.

“This clasp follow-up demonstrates why we feel the need for movie stars,” type Film critic Owen Gleiberman wrote in his review. “It goes well beyond Cruise’s involvement in glorifying U.S. military recruiting ads (the 1986 film may be as perfectly calibrated as a Swiss watch, but its GI Joe agenda isn’t subtle). When he does what most of us think is not It’s our way of identifying with him when possible. It turns out we need Maverick now more than ever.”

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