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Top Scholarships in Australia for International Students without IELTS 2022:


Australia has a variety of amazing opportunities for students looking to further their education. The way it provides both undergraduate and post-graduate options makes this country a prime destination for those seeking knowledge, or those who already have it.

This article highlights how Australia provides access to an esteemed array of educational institutions that rank among the world’s best, making it one of the outstandingly excellent institutions where you can find all you could want in terms of learning opportunities.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to study in Australia as an undergraduate or graduate student. This is especially for those who want to experience a diverse international perspective on how things work domestically and globally. In addition to the many cultural experiences available through studying abroad, you’ll also have access to world-class educational institutions.

Perhaps what makes this all worth it is that those world-class schools offer a wide variety of programs ranging from humanities to STEM degrees–enough for anyone with big dreams!

The Australian education system has everything you need to become successful in the global marketplace, including world-class universities – which rank among the top 100 globally. With years of experience educating people all over the globe, it’s time for you to explore what sets these institutions apart from any other university system.

Education in Australia provides a wide range of opportunities no matter what level you’re looking for, whether it be basic undergraduate or advanced postgraduate studies. Over the years, Australian institutions continue to grow and improve their services with different programs to suit every need.


Studying in Australia demands proficiency in English. For many international students, this poses a huge challenge because many who want to study in Australia don’t possess the academic language requirement needed for success. But fret not; there are various resources available for those who want to study but lack IELTS which tests skills on grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension among other things.


For those of you who may be concerned about getting admitted into the best Australian Universities, then no worries! You can enter them even if you don’t speak English fluently, as long as your country’s certificate is recognized by the Australian Education System.

There are many scholarships available in Australia for students without IELTS scores.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is one of the largest universities in AUSTRALIA, offering students excellent opportunities and prospects in their academic and research pursuits. The University offers prospective students who do not meet the IELTS score requirements several courses to prepare them for their studies.

The University of Adelaide provides many scholarships for students who don’t have the correct scores. This university promises you an outstanding education, though other universities require higher test scores.
The University of Adelaide has become one of the leading institutions in the U.K., providing undergraduate and postgraduate programs to learners at all levels. For those who might not meet their English language requirement for this institution, there are many courses available that will help you get ready for study here.

We will provide a list of scholarships available to students from all over the world without IELTS requirements.

One example is the University of South Wales, which offers an array of courses to give you what you need to start your higher education – even if English isn’t your first language.

If you are looking for scholarships in Australia, then this website will provide information about scholarships that can be obtained if you are unable to qualify for entry.

The University of Adelaide is one of the largest universities in Australia which offers qualified students an opportunity to pursue their interests and further their education.



The University of Adelaide offers a range of generous scholarships for self-funding international students.

You will be automatically considered for one of these awards when we receive your application. You do not need to make a separate application and confirmation of the scholarship will be included in your offer letter. The following scholarships are available for international students:

University of Adelaide located in Australia’s most liveable city is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide. The university is among the highly-rated universities in the world that are committed to education, research, and innovation as it has been recognized by the US News and QS World University rankings as a leading research university. It can accept other English Language Proficiency scores such as TOEFL, Pearson Test of English, or the CAE.

Nevertheless, the university accepts other forms of proof for English proficiency so long as it meets an individual’s needs. People who are missing this requirement will need to complete some sort of intensive course to attend the University of Adelaide.


The list of all the available scholarships at Adelaide for international students are as follows:


  • University of Adelaide Family Scholarships
  • University of Adelaide Higher Education Scholarships
  • University of Adelaide Alumni Scholarships
  • University of Adelaide Global Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • University of Adelaide Global Citizens Scholarships etc.


Ranked in the world’s top 50, University of Queensland graduates rank high among Australia’s elites. UQ has educated and collaborated with some of today’s most remarkable scholars; all while providing academic opportunities for qualified international students through various scholarships awarded to science, engineering, arts, humanities, and social sciences majors at varying levels.



You don’t need to have IELTS if you did one of these things:


  • Completed senior secondary schooling from a designated country where the medium of instruction is English.
  • Obtained a recognized qualification, score, or test (and satisfying relevant conditions) listed in either equivalent tests and qualifications or interstate subject equivalents.
  • Successfully undertaken at least 1 year of full-time (or part-time equivalent) post-secondary study in a designated country from an accredited university or institution recognized by UQ for this purpose.


  • Successfully undertaken at least 2 years of full-time (or part-time equivalent) post-secondary study from an accredited university or institution recognized by UQ for this purpose (you need to have undertaken your final year of studies during the 5 years before your commencement at UQ).



Macquarie University


Australia has 6 very powerful Public Universities that rank high in the world. One of them is Macquarie University where students can study at their own pace thanks to modular courses offered online. As if achieving an education is difficult enough, it may also require taking out student loans to make ends meet during university.

Luckily there are ways to help lessen this struggle for some people, such as offering annual grants up to A$40000 for Australian citizens, permanent residents, and International Higher Education Scholarships up to 50% tuition fee reduction for working professionals who are interested in studying towards bachelor degrees.


Other English proficiency scores are accepted besides IELTS, but if you are an international student without meeting these requirements then the university will allow you to take courses at the Macquarie University English Language Centre before enrolling in full-time studies.

Bond University


Bond University currently sits atop the list of colleges in Australia with the best student experience. This university features very generous scholarships which can go towards any type of degree program you desire whether it be a full or partial fee, an academic scholarship for those wishing to pursue higher degrees through graduate school, or even an opportunity to pursue undergraduate studies if desired.

International students, however, will need to show proof of English Language Proficiency before being admitted into this school.


Fortunately, there are alternative ways they can apply without having to take this test if they don’t feel confident enough with their skills yet – such as presenting transcripts from schools or universities where English is primarily spoken or writing an essay about why they deserve admission despite not meeting requirements due to extenuating circumstances, etc.


  • Applicants who have completed secondary education equivalent to the Australian Senior Certificate of Education that was taught and assessed in English in one of the eligible countries where English is the first language.


  • completed at least one-year full-time equivalent study in a course taught and assessed in English from an accredited university or college located in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, or New Zealand.


  • Applicants who are attending high school in an international school where they are instructed solely in English can apply for undergraduate admission.



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