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Toronto Shooting Suspect Arrested Charges Explained

Richard Edwin Arrested

Richard Edwin Arrested: Toronto Shooting Suspect Arrested Charges Explained: Last week, Richard Edwin who was 39 years old has arrested by the Toronto Police. He killed two people in the broad daylight. One was 21 years while one was 25 years old. These two donโ€™t know Richard Edwin and not even his friends. You might wonder, then why did he kill them. The reason is mentioned in this article. So, if you want to know the reason then stick to this article. Follow More Update Onย GetIndiaNews.com

Richard Edwin Arrested

On Sunday evening, Toronto cops arrested Richard Edwin for killing two people. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Karik Vasudev and Elijah Eleazar Mahepath. These two were the innocent, smart, and normal living types of people. They donโ€™t get immediately involved in any conversation nor take some decisions under someoneโ€™s delusion. Whatever they do, they just think at first and then takes the decisions.ย Vasudev was a 21-year-old international student from India who came for higher studies. On April 7, Richard had pointed the gun at him at the Sherbourne subway station and shot him multiple times. Unfortunately, he died.

Toronto Shooting Suspect Richard Edwin Arrested

After this incident, Mahepath was shot several times near the intersection of Dundas Street East and Geroge Street, east of Jarvis Street, just before 7 p.m. He also died in hospital hours later. This incident happened just two days later when Vsaudev died.ย Cops believed that Edwin was a complete stranger to both the men. They donโ€™t know each other and they never meet him in their life. Edwin had no prior criminal record and was lawfully in possession of his guns, police said.

Cops have conducted a deep investigation of Edwin Richard and they are finding out who is this person where he comes from, why he killed both of them, and whatโ€™s the relations between him and them. Cops are finding each answer but they didnโ€™t get any of them. As of now, the victimโ€™s details were unknown. His marriage details, his personal details, and his family details were not revealed yet. If any information will come then we definitely inform you.

Besides this, Karik Vasudev and Elijah Eleazer Mahepathโ€™s familyโ€™s details were also unknown. Cops didnโ€™t reveal their family details in public. Both are good, both came from a nice family and both have good relations with their friends, relatives, and neighborhood. They donโ€™t have any enemies.


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