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Touching Story Of Qaphela Gobodo, The 15 Years Old Boy That Was Burnt Alive By His Teammates



Qaphela Gobodo was only 15 years when he won the scholarship award in his favorite sport, Rugby. That award was to completely change his entire life, he was to become an international Rugby Star, but bad news struck on that faithful Tuesday in 2016 and that glorious dream was dashed to pieces.



This is the touching story of Qaphela Gobodo as partly curled from

Qaphela Gobodo came from a poor background in Willington, Western Cape, South Africa. Though his background was poor, Qaphela had a very mighty dream, a dream of becoming a professional Rugby player. He wanted to be a star in Springboks.

So determined, the potential star gave all his best into his dream. His hard work was paying off, he became the greatest Rugby player in his school in Bergriver, the first black captain of the school’s Rugby team, and also the first black student to feature in the school Rugby team.

Qaphela dreamt of becoming a Rugby star and his desire kept on pushing him closer to his dream until he eventually struck the big deal;

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For his excellent performance, Qaphela was awarded a Rugby scholarship to Hoerskool Garsfontein, one of the most prestigious schools in Pretoria, South Africa.

Through this scholarship, his dream of making it to Springboks would finally become a reality. The news of the scholarship brought great joy to his family, a joy that would soon be turned to sorrow.

The excited young lad, so much filled with joy decided to break the news to his Rugby teammates, “Hey, guys, I’m just one step away from Springboks! The dream is happening…”

Little did he know that his good news was not going to be good news to his teammates, and he definitely could not detect the jealousy that was hidden in their hearts.

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Then one fateful afternoon, he excused himself from class to go to the restroom. And while coming outside from the restroom, a group of four boys attacked him; one of them hit him on his head with a golf stick, and he fell into unconsciousness on the floor. Then they poured paraffin oil on him and set him ablaze. They burnt him alive!

Qaphela lay there on the floor for several minutes without knowing that he was burning alive, and no one saw him there.

When he finally regained consciousness later, he ran towards the principal’s office screaming for help, with his body still on fire. But everyone was scared of getting close to him.

He then ran to the water tap, opened it, and went under it, to subdue the fire. An ambulance helicopter was called and he was rushed to Tygerberg Hospital.

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Everyone gave up on him, no one thought he would make it because of the severity of the burns. His members wept bitterly as they could no longer recognize their son. They all cried, but Qaphela replied them, “Don’t be scared, I’m not going to die. No, I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to live, and I’m going to come back and play Rugby.”

His faith made a way for him, speaking in an interview with, Qaphela recounted that 20 surgeries were carried out on him in the space of four months.

Though Qaphela survived the attack his dream of becoming a Rugby star received a mighty blow; before he came back from the hospital the scholarship was gone. He tried to give himself to Rugby again but his scars…

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