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With 13 days remaining, the Hunters celebrated a huge win with the capture of aunt and niece team, Karen and Brittany, who had cleverly evaded the team of Ground Hunters before a public tip-off led to their capture. 

In Monday night’s episode, on the run in the coastal town of Wonthaggi, Karen and Brittany were shocked to discover wanted posters displayed at the bus station and in the town.

Determined to avoid capture, they boarded a bus to Phillip Island.  

Having made their way successfully to Phillip Island, Karen and Brittany waited for a ferry to make their next move, unaware the Hunters had been tipped off on their location by their bus driver.

As Team Alpha closed in, Karen and Brittany realised they had misread the ferry timetable and were waiting for a cancelled service. Not content to sit on the jetty for a further two hours like sitting ducks, they left and headed to a campsite, avoiding capture by the narrowest of margins.

The next morning Karen and Brittany made a second attempt to leave Phillip Island, but as they waited for a bus, they were spotted by the bus driver from the previous day, who made a second call to the tip-off line, leading to Karen and Brittany’s capture.

After a brief celebration, the HQ Hunters were back on the task of chasing the remaining 10 Fugitives on the run in Victoria, with just 11 days left.

Hunted – Continues Tuesday, July 26 At 7.30pm. Only On 10 And 10 Play. 

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