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Treat Insomnia (Difficulty Falling Asleep) Without Drugs By Doing These 5 Things.



Insomnia is a serious problem of our modern world. It is described as the condition of being unable to sleep or stay asleep in other words sleeplessness.

Anxiety and stress due to life’s tempo is a major cause of Insomnia. Because of life’s demands, there are growing numbers of people who find it difficult to have a good and peaceful sleep.

Insomnia can lead to daytime fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and other problems. In the long term, it may increase the risk of various diseases.

There is no physical exhaustion that equals that which is emotional. For example, If you are worried, anxious, tensed, or if you quarrelled with someone and later begins to feel guilty, you will be far more exhausted than the man who has worked hard all day, but has mental peace.

So in this article, I am going to reveal how to treat insomnia without relying on drugs to help you sleep or stay asleep if you are suffering from it.

Here are five things to do if you are suffering from insomnia.

1. Foot Bath.

Fill a bucket two-thirds full of hot water—as hot as your feet can withstand. Place your feet inside the bucket for seven (7) minutes, then after seven (7) minutes, pour a bowl of cold water over them while holding them up out of the water. This will help clear the head and chest of excess blood, and equalise the circulation. The hot and cold foot bath is especially good for brain workers and for people who worry a lot.

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2. Pressing of hot towels to your spine.

Pressing of hot towels to the spine are usually very helpful in combating insomnia. You might actually need someone to help you on this one. Procedure is to use heavy towels wrung out of a very boiled water. While you lay down, the wrung-out towel should carefully be placed on the spine (backbone) and then covered with a piece of old blanket.

When wringing, leave the end of the towel out of the hot water, so that you can handle it. The person assisting has to gently stroke the spine afterwards. This procedure often works when everything else fails.

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3. Take exercise daily.

Exercise is essential if you want to have a sound sleep. You can try indoor exercises or better still, in the open air.

The best exercise is the one taken outdoors in form of play or work. Walking also is an excellent form of exercise. It helps in making the heart beat faster and the lungs breath more freely. For the brain worker, physical exercise is positively essential, otherwise too much blood will be called to the brain.

You may feel you cannot take time to exercise, but in actual fact you cannot afford not to take it. With moderate exercise a person will sleep better, and be more able to face the next day with vigour.

It may be a comforting thought to know that if a person is relaxed he is resting even if he is not asleep.

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4. Let in fresh air in the bedroom at night.

To ensure sound sleep, you should have fresh air in your bedroom. To achieve this, you have to open the window in your bedroom. Fresh air can have a cooling effect and a cool bedroom environment is key to getting a good night’s sleep.

5. Don’t avoid breakfast it’s very important.

Breakfast is a vital factor in healthful sleep. It should be one of the main meals of the day and should not be avoided. It should be eaten camly, and masticated well. It is an essential health rule to eat a good breakfast with plenty of fruit, a modeate amount of milk, and possibly eggs. You will therefore feel more able to cope with your daily work. Then in the evening, you should take light meals.

The knowledge of work well done is, in itself, conducive to restful sleep.

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