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SCANDAL: TRICIA ROBREDO Video Leaked & Went Viral On YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Reddit Link!, #SCANDAL #TRICIA #ROBREDO #Video #Leaked #Viral #YouTube #Twitter #Instagram #Reddit #Link Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

As per the recent reports, very shocking news is coming up where are scandal video bottle eat on YouTube Twitter red edit you might be thinking that whose video got leaked it’s the daughter of vice president of the Philippines Tricia Robredo. This news has shocked everyone and police are investigating this whole incident where a fake * video was been uploaded and made of her sister Aika. She is also facing a major problem and then a letter was sent to him on April 21st so that the investigation could take place against her. As per the recent reports, we heard that since Aika was going to assist to be to investigate the whole matter and the thing which has been misleading and making the people and audience entertained about her video. Follow Our website CmaTrends for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Tricia Robredo?

She told the police about the fake sites and about the social media platform that has been raining her life and also she was helping her mother and this was the particular statement given to her. Talking about the doctor whose name is Dr. Jennie Patricia. So she is the second daughter of the Philippines and who is also Levi’s president of late interior secretary and she told that she was helping the bureau to determine the whole case and to learn about this incident and to possibly committed against her.

Tricia Robredo Video Leaked

However it is seen that day-wise president’s daughter is revealing very appropriate content and video on the social media platform and now everyone is judging her and trolling her over the social media site and now she is facing a lot of problems and she is being humiliated by everyone because of this viral video. She is in grade drama regarding this incident and now she is rejecting the allegations against her then the police were investigating this particular video

She said that she don’t have any idea about the video which got viral and the content on social media now she wanted to clear herself and she is train safe and she wanted to clear all the things and rumors which are coming for her and she totally rejected all the allegations

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