Twenty Five Twenty One Ending Explained Finale Episode 16 Review Will There Be Season 2?

Twenty Five Twenty One Ending Explained Finale Episode 16 Review Will There Be Season 2?

After waiting for a very long time, the audience finally got to see the ending of Twenty Five Twenty One, which everyone is eagerly waiting for. Yes, you heard right, on Sunday and the ending was expected enough as it left up to the expectations of the admirers. As they were waiting for the same as the makers broadcasted but the entire e attention has been fetched by Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk” and Na-He-Do (Kin Tae-Ri) as the two fell in love with each other, one episode at the time. But as the mid-season got the hype while hitting the bricks the admires got the hint that the characters will not ed together.

As per the exclusive updates, their separation, or better-called breakup has been confirmed in the Twenty-Five Twenty-One finale. But somewhere it was a bit unexpected by the admirers who are connecting with the show from the very beginning. Because no one would like to watch the separation of their favorite couple, but it occurred in the finale of the show. Therefore, since the admirers got acquainted with the twist their interest built up because it indicates that maybe further one could contain their story.

Twenty Five Twenty One Ending Explained

The prior installment commences off with Ye-Jin as he begged a correspondent’s job in NYC a month after he covered the 9/11 attack. But a heartbroken Hee-do will have to accept the decision because there is no choice to argue over the decision. But it brings some painful moments for the two in such a manner, which made the audience emotional at the time of streaming. Hence, they suggested breaking up with each other, because being alone to make their best future is better than destroying together, and this is the reason, they had to accept their decision each other.

But still, a few speculations are delivering a question that does Baek Yi-jin and Na Hee-do reunite or not, because of the way they have broken up. Therefore, still, the show is becoming the hit discussion among everyone after the ending as well. Because the makers left the audience at the spot from where they could not step back while diverting their attention towards the show. Therefore, everyone is looking ahead to get everything even a glimpse, so that they could make themselves acquainted with the news. So here we have mentioned some pieces of vital information and when more will come ahead we will update you.

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