Udaariyaan, 19th April 2022, Written Episode Update: Fatejo’s story leap?

Udaariyaan, 19th April 2022, Written Episode Update: Fatejo’s story leap?: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she is sitting on the stage for her Mehndi ceremony. Fateh sings a song. Tejo feels bad. Jasmine signs Tejo to smile. Tejo cries. Rupi thinks where is Angad. Harman attempts to contact Angad and says that he is not reachable. Rupi gets Angad’s message that he is stuck in some urgent work. On the other hand, Amrik is saying to Buzzo that Rupi must be thinking that Angad texted him but he won’t have any idea that they have his phone. Angad breaks a glass bottle. The Mehndi designer asks Tejo about the name of her fiance. Tejo gets sad recalling Fateh. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Udaariyaan Written Update

Tejo’s alter ego appears in front of her and says to tell Fateh’s name since she still loves him. Tejo gets confused. Fateh whispers in Mehndi designer’s ear to write F. Tejo feels sad recalling all the recent happenings. Satti comes to Tejo and says to her that she can understand her confusion. Tejo says that she doesn’t know whom to trust or not, but at least she will be freed from the relationship that is giving her pain. Satti questions if she is happy. Tejo says yes.

Angad frees himself from the ropes and runs away from the place. Jasmine congratulates Fateh as Tejo got his name on her palm. Satti praises Tejo’s Mehndi. Jasmine thinks to turn off the lights so that Fateh and Tejo can talk to each other. Tejo notices F on her palm and rushes to the washroom. Jasmine turns off the lights and tells Fateh to go and talk to Tejo. Tejo is washing her Mehndi in the washroom. Fateh comes there. Meanwhile, Angad reaches Sandhu’s house and meets them.

Jasmine gets shocked seeing him there. He asks about the man whom he sent for Mehndi. Jasmine tells him that he has gone to have food. Angad goes to talk to Tejo. Here, Tejo is trying to wash her Mehndi saying that she doesn’t want Fateh’s name in her life who defamed her family. Fateh witnesses this and gets sad. Angad comes to her and calms her down. She tells him that the Mehndi Designer wrote F on her hand by mistake.

He says that she doesn’t need to explain this to him. Tejo cries and says that she doesn’t want Fateh and his memories in her life. Angad reminds her that she promised him that she will smile always, otherwise, Rupi will be sad. She agrees with him and smiles. Angad changes the F into A with lipstick. Everyone then enjoys the function and Angad goes to Jasmine and asks her to not play these games with him. Tejo gets to know that Jasmine talks to Fateh. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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