Udaariyaan 31st March 2022 Written Episode What is Jasmin’s New Plan Against Tejo?


As you all know that the show is going quite well in the terms of drama and fun so here is tonight’s episode of your favorite show. The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with, Jasmin who comes to Tejo and starts lying to her, saying that she helped Angad in his work and leaves, Tejo thinks that is why Jasmin is not looking up, she thinks about her. There, Angad welcomes Sunanda and wishes her all the best for her performance, she starts performing, on the other side, Nimmo comes keeping colors in her hands and then applies the color on Gurpreet wishing him a Happy Holi.

As you all have been watching the family drama for a long time so you must be in the swim that celebration of Holi is going on in the show and amid the drama, there will be some fun as well, therefore Jasmine mixes some cannabis in the Thandai just to make everyone slew and her efforts show the results as well. However, the performance goes on, and everyone claps and adores Sunanda. She then thanks everyone and says them to be seated and enjoy her latest song Saddi Yaad. Meanwhile, Angad overhears servants talking about Bhang and then he thinks that it is the right time to check what Jasmin is planning, and he decides to make her drink the bhang and then ask her about her plans when she will be inebriated.

He then takes a glass of Thandai and mixes some bhang into the glass and then calls the waiter to go and give the glass to the madam, he asks him which madam, he shows him Jasmin and says that just go and offer the glass to her. He goes as per the instructions but mid the way Satti stops him and asks for the glass, he denies giving saying that it is for Jasmin madam. Satti says him to don’t think much about it and just go and give Jasmin another glass and takes it saying it was nice.

Well, as the show is going on saying this won’t be bad that tonight there will be some more drama in the show and tonight you will also watch Jasmin calling Tejo saying come here Tejo please it’s urgent. Mahi overhears and thinks that she is again going to do something which will invite more problems. Everyone gets worried thinking of Tejo that where she is going, and Tejo leaves for Jasmin. The episode ends here, follow for more updates.

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