Udaariyaan Toda’s Episode 17th Episode Written Update Tejo Gets Exposed


Hello, all the entertainment seekers, finally we are back with the exclusive updates of your favorite TV drama Udaariyaan as the 7th May 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with those shocking activities which will definitely make you feel over the top. Yes, you heard right, the episode begins where Tejo will come to know about the reality that Jasmine and Fateh both are innocent as they did not do anything. In short, Tejo will repent for her actions which she recently made against them without knowing even a single thing.

Later, Fateh makes her acquainted with everything while mentioning that she does not need to accuse them as they did not have any relationship, as Jasmine is a wife of Amrik, and if she thinks something for Jasmine then it would be too inappropriate as now she is looking ahead in her new life. After hearing all these, Tejo breaks down in tears as she had not even supposed that unwillingly she will create such a worst circumstance against her close ones. Meanwhile, she apologizes to him and asks him to bring Jasmine as soon as possible, as she wants to meet her.

At the same time, Tejo asks Fateh that if they did not set the fire near the factory so who execute the lethal one, as still, the sword of suspicion is hanging on the neck of those who are close to Tejo. Even last time, she saw Fateh and Jasmine while standing outside when they were looking at her. Hence, Fateh replies that she does not need to think more about it because they will have to figure out everything as a few pieces of information are remaining hidden, Tejo agrees with him and says that they will have to look into the past again.

After a while, when they start finding the untold facts they spontaneously get a glimpse of Angad Maan as he was also there last time, meanwhile, Fateh says that she will have to get some pieces of information about Angad Maan. Then Tejo decides to wait a bit ahead because as far as she has concerned, Angad Maan is on his way to come to London. So, therefore, it would be great if she waits a bit ahead because she wants to get the answers to those questions which are remaining unknown. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

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