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Uki Violeta Birthday Is A Bash But Could There Be A Face Reveal?


On June 18, 2021, NIJISANJI EN began two rounds of auditions, one of which was a male liver. Male-only auditions are available until August 1st.

On February 22, 2022, NIJISANJI EN released the upcoming fifth wave of Noctyx, along with a trailer showing the visual and audio of the new Livers.

The first day of February 2022 saw the launch of Ukiโ€™s YouTube channel and Twitter account. On February 22, 2021, he tweeted for the first time.

Uki Violetaโ€™s birthday is on July 17 and his age

Uki did not provide the media with his exact date of birth, so we donโ€™t know his age, although his voice suggests he may be in his 20s by now. Still, the twitchers seem to be young.

We expect he will start giving more details about himself in the coming days, such as his date of birth, as he chooses not to hide his profile.

He might be able to invite his supporters to join him in celebrating his upcoming birthday.

Has Uki Violeta made an appearance?his real name

Like many other online YouTube stars, Uki Violeta has yet to make an appearance. He used animated characters instead.

As a nod to his audience, the original individual hiding behind his ID has yet to show up. He would rather hide behind a pair of gorgeous purple eyes and a man in a purple hoodie.

Octoberโ€™s face is something a lot of people are dying to see, but he doesnโ€™t seem to be doing it anytime soon. Likewise, he has not revealed his real name to the public.

Learn about Uki Violetaโ€™s Twitch Biography

On March 12, Uki started subscribing to his YouTube channel. On the same day, his YouTube channel gained 100,000 subscribers.

On April 22, Ukiโ€™s Sakura Bloom 2022 voice pack and related products went on sale. His Japanese voice followed on May 3rd.

Noctyx makes its TV debut on February 27, 2022, in a special premiere program on the NIJISANJI EN channel. Commentary provided by Reimu Endou and Ike Eveland. Soon after the first, Uki started her group debut.

His first solo original song โ€œDรฉjร  Vuโ€ was notable because it was included on his debut stream. Noctyxโ€™s roster has since appeared on the main channel.


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