Unbelievable! A pastor confessed what he did to get power to perform miracles

A 49 years old pastor from Ekiti state in one of the new generation church revealed how he got power to perform different kinds of miracles.

According to the pastor ,he started his ministry about 13 years ago, but the population of the church keep reducing without any problem from any where. He address the issue in their monthly elders meeting  and head of each department in the church, but the issue of absconding without notice pervades in the church.

He set up a 7 member committee to investigate and unravel the circumstances that led to the exodus of people leaving the church. Terms of reference and time frame were given to the committee . The committee could ascertain what was really wrong, but came with a recommendation paper to visit those who left the church.

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The pastor set up a powerful 5 man visitation committee and they went round to the houses of those who left the church unceremoniously, but to his surprise and dismay, none of the ex – members visited cannot point out anything that made them to be absconded.

It is on this note,he decided to look for a Spiritual solution . He observed that many churches where there are influx of people attract the congregants with Miracles. As a true man of God with the gift of prophecy, he was introduced to  Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple,+23407019357444, WhatsApp+23407019357444.Address No 5 Faraji street college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way Imo state Nigeria.

The Spiritualist told him to be specific on which type of power he needed to attract people to worship with him. He replied the Power of Miracles. He gave him a powerful juju which he described as DO AS I SAY. The pastor came back and practicalized the power which was proved to be effective.

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The church that was sparsely populated suddenly became densely populated  as a result of the performance of different types of miracles. The blinds regained their sight, the lame were commanded  and they started walking instantly. Some collapse marriages were restored with the commanding power.

Within a short while, a new church building with 1,500 capacity was built to accommodate the inflow of new members as the old church can no longer occupy the congregation. The pastor who doesn’t want his name to be mentioned said any pastor or prophet without the admixture of some secret power cannot not survive financially.

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The pastor who has different kinds of exotic cars and edifice attributed the source of his power to Chief Dr Faraji whom God has blessed to revamp and restore members of his church with the addition of fasting and prayer .

If your church is empty or sharply reducing in population. Why can’t you take advantage of this great Spiritualist to restore normalcy .

It is easy provided you don’t misuse the power.

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