Unbelievable! My wife left me because I lost everything to fraudsters. A man laments

A middle aged man from Anambra state narrated how his wife left him because of his poor financial status.

The man who declined to mention his name started with an adage that life is subject to change and no man is an ivory tower. According to the billionaire his wife left him to mess up herself because he couldn’t meet up the demand of the family any longer owing to difficulty he encountered that led to loss of money .

The billionaire said he was into export and import business, but falls into the hands of a fraudulent man who made him poor. He became poor and cannot meet up with the domestic demands of the house which made his wife to mess up with street boys and eventually left him with the two kids. He was helpless and the children cannot go to school due to lack of money to pay for the children school fees .

He solicited for help from among those that received assistance from him in the past, but none of them responded. All his friends and associates were all ignored him to his fate. One day , while he was moving along the street an old weedy woman accosted him and said young man don’t think too much your help will come soon. He looks at the old woman and was wondering how come about this old woman knowing his situation. He became speechless and the woman moved towards the other direction of the street. As he began to look her for further explanation he didn’t see her any more.

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The following week, he met an old man again who gave him the address of Dr Edward Solution temple . The old man said he should try to locate the address to seek solution for his financial crisis As he was trying to ask him questions, the old man disappeared. He became worried and went to a prophet for prayer. The man of God told him to locate the address without making any further explanation.

He went back home and decided to locate the address of Dr Edward Solution temple, phone no +2348038023229. WhatsApp+234 812 802 2587. Address No 4 Edward Street Mgbidi along Amorko village Oru west,Imo state Nigeria. As soon as he located the address. He explained to the Spiritualist how he came about his address and his current predicament. The Spiritualist asked him to buy some Spiritual items which he did without wasting time. The Spiritualist used the items to prepare a bucket of water for him to bath for three days.

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Behold,as he got home the following day he received a call from an old business partner who sent him #50 million naira and also #70 million credited to his account by another friend who abandoned him since when the incident happened. He went back to his export and import business and within a year he exploded financially.

His wife returned from her prostitution and apologized to him for the continuation of their marriage.He told her that it is over between them. So any man who put his hope on human being particularly wife may be disappointed when things are going tough financially.

He is prompted to give this testimony because of what he passed through in the hands of his wife. Life can be challenging, but don’t give up. Your creator never made a mistake. The solution to your problem is getting closer when things are toughe

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