Maricopa High School Video, Maricopa High School chair boy video

Maricopa High School chair boy video.

MARICOPA: After reportedly assaulting a classmate with a chair in a classroom, a Maricopa High School student was charged with aggravated assault.


A guy student standing in a computer lab with his bag on elevates a blue-backed chair with metal legs over his head, then lowers the chair over his head in a 25-second phone-recorded video obtained by PinalCentral. He struck the other student in the head and upper back hard enough to make a “whoosh” sound as they collided.
After being struck, the sufferer sat with a hood over his head and did not move.

Due to the presence of several youngsters, PinalCentral is not uploading the footage.

Only a few students noticed the interaction before to the hit and found it entertaining at first. The students trembled and turned away from the incident after the loud hit.

Many other students can be heard saying ohh..! and gasping when one student swears.

Moments after the first strike, the culprit can be seen raising the chair above his head again until a teacher says, “hey__ put it down immediately.”

“Tell him to move” the perpetrator says as he turns toward the teacher, his chair still lifted above his head.

“Put the chair down now” the teacher asks once more.

“Tell him to move” the perpetrator says again, chuckling.

Although it is not evident from the footage, it appears like another student takes the perpetrator’s chair and places it out of view of the phone camera. It doesn’t appear that the perpetrator placed it there himself, nor did he drop the chair because no noise was made, nor did his actions imply that he did.

The perpetrator’s manner changes significantly after the chair is laid down off camera, and he looks straight at the camera for a brief moment.

A student or teacher’s aide may go over to check on the victim before the video concludes.

From his seat in the row behind the event, the person who captured the video got a clear view of the entire scene.

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