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Using Phone in The Toilet or Bathroom? See Why You Must Stop



It will interest you that going to the bathroom with your cell phone has great effect on your health and mind. Here are some harmful reasons why you should not take your cellphone.

1 It spread harmful bacteria:

Would you believe if I told you your phones are dirtier than your toilet seat? well it is very possible.

It says smartphones are covered with E coil (which could cause diarrhea if you eat contaminated food or drinks) This is a harmful bacteria which is linked to intestinal problems, which will affect the intestine in later days.

2 You have a high rate of getting hemorrhoids

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This is where pressure is put on your organs due to the time spent in the toilet, as you are concentrating on your phone. The longer you concentrate, the longer you spend on your toilet seat.

Many may not know about this but it is surely true. Haven’t you noticed after spending a lot of minutes and hours on your toilet seat, your tight or body begins to hurt.

It maybe relaxing at first, enjoying the company of your phone and interesting updates on social media, but later harmful to your health and mind.

3 Cause pelvic floor disfunction:

You become more reliance on your phone. The use of smartphone is to make life easier and connect with love ones all over the world, but at the same time, it makes us more addicted and our little god,

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They many will prefer to have their hand cut off than to lose their phone. Some may even blackout or fall seriously ill if their phone is stolen. This is obviously not a good sign.

4 Limit your thinking capacity:

Many are unable to have quality time to think and concentrate in order to solve a problem, but you’re too distracted to concentrate because of your smartphone.

It is best to switch off your phone so as to spend time alone to rest your brain, taking your phone continuously can only take away the only break time your mind desire.

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