UTAH Woman Dies Grand Canyon Death Video Leaked On Twitter and Reddit

WATCH: UTAH Woman Dies Grand Canyon Death Video Leaked On Twitter and Reddit: Recently, a video clip went viral on the internet that a 34-year-old Utah woman died when they go hiking. A group decided to go to the Grand Canyon for hiking. After they reached half a mile, suddenly a woman from that group was missing. The other members were worried about her and says what’s going on here. Where the hell is she gone. After searching for so many hours they didn’t find her. And decided to call the cops. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

UTAH Woman Dies Grand Canyon

When the cops investigated the whole area, they found out she died falling from the 20 feet above. Her body was broken with so many bones and her blood had dried up. Officers called the helicopter to take her body and follow the footsteps of the woman when she was separated from the group.

Cops identified her age and name. Her name was Margaret Osswald from Salt Lake City, Utah. She was 34 years old. And she was unmarried. After investigating it for so many days, it was discovered that she was the one who made the plan for hiking. She invited her friends to join her. The trip was 15 days. Osswald and her group were excited to go hiking. The first few days were excited for her and she enjoyed them so much.

UTAH Woman Dies Grand Canyon Death Video

After the sixth day, she was disappeared and her friends didn’t have any clue where she is gone. After this incident, another lady name is Mary Kelley also died in the Grand Canyon along the Colorada River. Just after the 11 days. This incident occurred in late March when a 68-year-old also died. She was not part of her group and doesn’t know each other.

Maybe Marry Kelly was also coming with her friends to go hiking or maybe she has to go to get some basic stuff and her feet were slipped and she lost her life. The reason could be something else. But the exact reason did not come yet.  Cops are searching for Marry’s identity and looking for her parents. They are finding some clues and looking for evidence so that this case will be continued and proceed further. If they got any news related to this incident, then we definitely inform you until then follow this site to get stay updated.

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