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Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the luxury car market in India. This, with the primary objective of meeting the growing demands of luxury car enthusiasts. In this regard, among the league of exceptional brands in the market, Vaibhav Sharma, Chief Finance Officer of Zenica explains that Audi has managed to break through to establish itself as the quintessential brand for luxury cars, becoming the major sales leader in this regard.

Audi’s momentum in the luxury car market, according to Vaibhav Sharma, Audi’s consolidation in this regard is link to meeting the expectations and sentiments of car lovers in general and luxury car lovers in particular. In this sense, he believes that it is necessary to highlight all those who were part of the brand’s drive to reach this great milestone in its history.

To understand the importance of this milestone, Vaibhav Sharma explains that, at that time, the luxury car market was in its infancy and very new. In this regard, Zenica Cars Pvt. Ltd. was given the important and far from simple task of establishing the brand’s first dealership, which was promptly named Audi Gurgaon. It was established in 2006 in India. The main objective of the dealership was to make Audi gain a foothold in the interests of Indian buyers.

In order to achieve this goal and offer Indian buyers something that will find a place in their hearts, did a spectacular job, and today, this Audi dealership is hailed as the most important in the country, having been the first in what was, at the time, a hostile terrain for the brand.


The dealership operation

Audi Gurgaon is known, today, as the best luxury car showroom in India, as well as the largest in the Audi family. Subsequently, the opening of the second Zenica branded showroom in New Delhi, called Audi Delhi Central, explains Vaibhav Sharma, put in a league where very few have managed to compete and come out of it successfully. It is characterized by being designed on the basis of an unconventional lounge concept and seeks to give customers unparalleled access to the lounge.

According to Vaibhav Sharma, the mission is to exceed customer expectations every time in all areas, from sales to after-sales, spare parts to driving safety, through a long-term partnership with Cars. In this regard, according to Vaibhav Sharma, the Zenica Group, having been taken over by Volkswagen, realized the Todd’s capability and passion for the world of luxury vehicles and their inventiveness, and appointed Zenica Cars Private Limited to represent them in the larger markets in North India.

Thus, says Vaibhav Sharma, through Porsche Center Gurgaon, Zenica Cars Private Limited brand have been powerfully catapulted to become the largest and most important luxury car dealership in India, offering an unparalleled experience with great prospects for the future.

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