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Victony Expresses Joy Months After Returning On Stage

Anthony Victor, the fast rising Nigerian singer also known as Victony has shared his most memorable moments since he returned on stage for a live performance after an accident that left him in a wheelchair for many months.

The talented singer recently shared his most memorable moment on an Instagram live with his fans saying, “my most memorable moments since I’ve been back on stage I think was my first show in December, live in concert and of course the 02 Arena.”

Continuing, he said, “Yeah, everyone expects the 02 Arena to be memorable so like yeah but like coming out the first time at the live in concert ever since the accident happened was crazy, it was wild for me because I hadn’t been on stage for a while and coming out to see the reactions from the audience and my fans and you know it was warmth, it sparked up like a lot in me and just made me want to keep going and chasing.”

Victony returned to fans’ consciousness after he was featured on Mayorkun’s hit song, ‘Holy Father.’ Since the release of his 2022 latest single ‘Apollo,’ the singer has promised to release a 7-track EP entitled ‘Outlaw.’ Victony also revealed May 6, 2022, as the release date for the EP.

In 2021, Victony was involved in a car accident that confined him to a wheelchair until his health improved, and started using a walking stick to aid his movements

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